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    I recently got my hand on a pny rtx 4080 and i want to replace my old i5 9600k. My headset is a HP reverb G2. I would like to go on am5 but i hesitate between 7800X3D, 7700 or 7600. There is a big difference between 7800X3D and the others for 4K VR gaming?
    There is some very good prices for aliexpress anniversary right now.


    Cant exactly answer your question, but with my GTX1080ti on an I7 6700k, i play many games in 4k. It really depends on the game . Mainly DX9 games, where DX11/12 may become difficult in 4k. Though as sayd it depends on the game and the engine that is used. Unity DX11 performs mainly very well in DX11 4k on my system for example using HTC Vive Pro and SteamVR.


    Thanks for your response. I use vorpx mainly for DX9 game, DX11/12 and others pcvr game like Elite dangerous, Half-Life Alyx etc…
    Right know i run my Reverb G2 with 3080 FE 10gb paired with i5 9600. My CPU frame times are really high in game like Elite Dangerous.
    In the few VR benchmarks i saw it seems that the 7800X3D will be a really good improvement to reduce frames time cause of the 3d-V cash.
    I upgrade my rig cause i want to fully use my G2 at 90fps native resolution (or at least try to approach that). I have an opportunity to buy a 7800X3D for a little less than 300 euros.

    Maybe someone using Vorpx and PCVR game with that processor can enlight me?


    Get the 7800x3d, on higher resolutions you are mostly gpu bottlenecked but for simulators 7800x3d blows others out of the water and gives a nice boost even on higher resolutions. I upgraded from 3900x to 7800x3d and havenĀ“t regretted it a second.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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