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    First off, I just want to say that you’ve made a great piece of software in vorpX. It plays all of my DX11 games and streams in OBS with an undistorted image, which is a huge thing for me as I’ve been Twitch streaming VR for a while now.

    I was wondering if there is any way for users to contribute in making VR profiles for games, or maybe a guide on doing it yourself. I understand every game operates a little differently, but maybe a starter guide could get things rolling for a community hub with more widespread game support.

    I was also looking around for a solid place to put game requests. Maybe a poll system would help prioritize which games are worked on sooner?

    Anyway, sorry if it seems like I’m stepping on toes here. I actually would like to request support for Evolve, Dark Souls 2 (or Scholar of the First Sin), and GTA 5 when it comes out. Game support really seems to be pretty up-to-date, but I didn’t think there was any harm in asking.

    Again, thanks for making such a great product and advancing VR!


    There is a few threads you could check out. There is one for game requests and there is one about getting unsupported games working with alternate profiles. You could check them out mite be of use to you. Rite now that’s about it for making new profiles for unsupported games. You basically change the .exe to a supported game and hope for the best. You can look for engine types and the like to help find a possible substitute profile to use.
    *Note* Just be sure to use a profile your not already using because if you change the settings on one it will save it for use on both games as it sees it as only one profile. Mite not be an issue but something to maybe keep in mind.


    The game wishlist thread is looked at regularly. A way to make profiles is something that will be looked into at a later point in time, there isn’t any schedule for that currently though.

    Evolve (Z-Buffer only for now) and Dark Souls I+II will be in the next vorpX version (due shortly). GTA V will be looked into as the no. 1 top priority as soon as it is out. No promises though.


    That’s really good news all around. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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