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    I purchased the Oculus yesterday and I need help getting it to run with non-VR games. It’s become extremely frustrating due to a mix of being a complete newbie at this.

    The non-VR games I’d like to play with the Oculus Rift:

    – Star Trek Online
    – World of Warships
    – Skyrim

    They’re both F2P games and both play in 3rd person perspective. Now, I understand they are not VR games but I would at least want the headtracking to function as the camera view rotation and I would like the game HUD to be visible without having to literally move my head to the far right or far left to see stuff that is normally in the bottom left/right corner of the screen (if possible).

    I tried using the Skyrim profile but the game was horrible in image quality (it looked extremely pixelated even up close..nothing like I see youtube videos of people playing it in VR) and no matter what settings I changed it just doesn’t improve. The interface/HUD is also unreadable and the head tracking does not work very well.. it just looks like I was sitting a few feet from an imax screen and that imax screen ‘followed’ my head movement when it came to the HUD elements. Aka any HUD item on the bottom left or right of the screen stays in the far botton left/right of my view in the VR system and moving my head does not rotate my viewpoint to put that bottom/left/right corner HUD element in ‘front’ of me. Only way to ‘see’ it is to move my eyeballs hard to those corners.

    Using Vorpx I have succeeded in running World of Warships.. but the resolution/graphic quality is horrendous and the interface is extremely blurry.

    Star Trek Online literally won’t work as the game doesn’t launch in the VR headset it stays on the monitor.

    So I’d like some help with this.

    Quick Question:

    Do I need to change the resolution the game is set to in its options to a specific resolution? Aka does the Oculus require games to be in like1600x1024? 800×600? Do I need to have the DESKTOP resolution in my computer also set to that so that it works better?

    Any help appreciated.


    I managed to get STO in VR to work but the FPS is horrible.. which is surprising given this is a very ‘light’ game graphics wise. Perhaps its because the game is displayed both in the monitor and inside the VR headset? Can’t seem to find a way to disable monitor displaying the game. Normally the game runs at 70+fps but in VR it drops to like 8. Vsync is disabled, set res down to even 800×600 in the game settings (basically all graphics to ‘minumum’ settings) and no improvement.


    The resolution that VorpX sets is too low – 1280×1024. The resolution I ended up using is 1920×1440. You will need to set it up in the control panel of your GPU. For Skyrim (Oldrim) you don’t need to do that – when you start the game press Del to open the control panel and find the option Internal resolution upscale and set it to 2.
    I have also set Skyrim to run in a windowed mode so Windows won’t change my desktop resolution every time I play.

    If you experience problems with the head rotation tracking be sure you have run DirectVR. Also be sure the game runs at 45 fps or close to that. Try some of the Adaptive 3D modes (instead of Geometry) to see if it feels more fluid.

    The HUD is a HUD is a HUD. I for one am quite happy it doesn’t rotate together with the in-game world. It is actually way better to play without it. At least for Skyrim – I have completely disabled it and it helps with the immersion/presence a lot.
    Pressing the middle mouse button while in the game will zoom-out and show it like on a screen. Then pressing it again will put you back in the game. It is an easy and fast way to deal with the HUD when you can’t see it clearly in full VR mode.

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