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    Hi guys , i am new to vorpx and i am struggling to understand some stuff

    *i run the games using steam vr option not quest

    1- i tried Resident evil 7 , the image quality is so so bad its not even acceptable to play at , cant even read texts . and i can see black borders , and it feels like just the image is following my head and not like i am in the game .

    2- when i tried Black ops 3 , the aim is following the headset so i want apple to use the mouse and headset aim at the same time . how can i fix this ?

    3- i cant run my quest 2 wireless using virtual desktop , i keep getting quest is not found message when i open any game

    Idk if vorpx is just bad like this or i am using it wrong ?


    General hint first: if you haven’t done so already, check the beginners guides in the vorpX help. Worth a read, can help to avoid unnecessary tinkering.

    1) RE7 specifically: simply raise the ‘Resolution Scaling’ value in the game’s graphics options. Normally the default value that vorpX sets, which results in roughly 1440p at actual 1080p, shouldn’t look too bad though.

    General way for games that don’t have such an option: you can run games at any resolution with vorpX. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Check the ‘Customs Resolutions’ thread above for adding additional resolutions to your PC that your monitor does not support normally.

    2) Not sure if I really understand the issue. Unless for games where vorpX can directly access a game’s memory for head tracking, it simulates a mouse with head tracking. That’s how things work.

    3) Ideally don’t add another tool to the chain. Either use wired Oculus Link or the recently added Oculus Air Link. If for some reason you have to use VD, set vorpX to SteamVR instead of Oculus and enable SteamVR capturing in VD. That’s not real an ideal solution though.


    what i mean by question 2 is : when i run rs7 for example i can see blackboards, and when i move my head , the screen just follow my head , its not like i am in the game . its like just the screen is following my head .
    + when i turn my head 180degree , i still see the same view ,just the screen is following my head with the same view . i dont see what is in the back .
    like if i am seeing a house in front of me , and turned my head 180 , i still see the house , i dont see what is in the back .
    my English is not good enough to explain it better xD

    about Q3 : Does it have to do something with the quality or something ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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