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    Just purchased VorpX. Running a Win10 pro machine with an Nvidia GTX 970.
    So, what now? I’ve started Vorpx, configured it, didn’t see Fallout 4 in the list.

    But whenever I start the game, it does nothing different. No VR, nothing.

    Did I forget anything? Any first-timers guides out there I missed? Win10 comes standard with DX12, is that an essential issue? Read VorpX works with Win10…

    Hope you guys can help me out a bit. :) Thx in advance!


    NVM, got it to work. :)


    how did you get it working mine just crashes the game every time


    Hey Vertigo_UK. What I didn’t know at first:

    Run VorpX
    Then just run Fallout
    And there you go: magictime. However, it didn’t run at first for me

    You could try installing an older version of DirectX. Win10 comes with a shiney new one, and some dll’s are missing.

    I downloaded/installed:

    I must say, not sure which one fixed it. I just checked my download history for ya.

    Good luck! It’s worth the trouble. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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