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    Pablo Jaen

    What i am doing wrong?
    I attached the profile to ARMA III
    launch oculus
    launch steam
    launch Arma launcher with disabled battle eye support
    Then launch Arma III, windows says that vorpx is attached to arma x64 blah blah
    Whe the bar reache near the end…..It closes game and canĀ“t play
    Any Idea pleeeeease


    Should work with BE disabled normally. Only thing I can really imagine apart from that is a conflict with another program on your PC that also hooks into the game. The trouble shooting guide on top of this sub-forum has more details on the matter.


    Not sure why this works, but whenever I start the game from the launcher a window pops up in my task bar for the game (thought it isn’t titled and is only really a program outline). If I don’t click on it, the game will stop and leave me at my desktop (which I think is what you’re experiencing). If I click on that window when it pops up, VorpX attaches and it launches. This works EVERY TIME for me. IDK. Give it a shot I guess.


    In the ARMA luncher under “Parameter” try to enable “Force Window Mode”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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