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    Just got Vorpx and Skyrim SE today and so far setting it up is OK but I’m unsure on a few points:
    1. What aspect ratio should I set for fov 120 120? In the preliminary profile thread Ralf suggests 5:4/4:3 whereas in another thread I see to use 9:8. I’m confused :-P
    2. At your suggested rati, what would be native resolution (or at least a 1:1) for the rift CV1? Or do i set 1080 or so height and then extrapolate from there for example?
    3. What is the target frame rate? Should I aim for 45 with ATW and ASW on, or should either of these be disabled for Vorpx and go higher? I do seem to get judder around a fps of 40 even with them on…
    4. Where can I find out the features of each of the render modes?



    Stick to 4:3/5:4. Easier to handle since these are common resolutions, also has some advantages in regard to vorpX’s custom async timewarp. 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1920×1440 depending on performance.

    You should always try to reach 45fps. Depending on how sensitive you are to low framerates, you might consider 30 or so playable, but steady 45fps are required for really fluid gameplay.

    The main difference between Geometry 3D and Z-Buffer 3D is that G3D uses two cameras like native VR apps (natural 3D effect, but slow), while Z3D only renders once and applies 3D in post (less natural 3D for nearby objects, but a lot faster).

    The FOV in Skyrim SE is independent of the resolution’s aspect ratio, 120/120 is always the right value. For Rift it may be a bit lower. Try 110/110.


    Having read back some pages i see the same questions asked before, so thanks for having the patience to answer them again :-)

    Will have another go tomorrow at getting this setup. Looking like i might give the original skyrim a go and see if that gves a better result.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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