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    Hi, everything was working fine but I’ve updated to the latest ATI driver and now the vorpx view in games is not aligned correctly. normally it corrects the view when the game starts, however I tried F1 2013 and battlefield 4 and both hurt the eyes and theres nothing I can do to fix it. it seems the 3d balance has gone bad and cross eyed. I tried vorpx yesterday before the update and the games worked fine.

    ATI DRIVER – amd-catalyst-14-9-win7-win8.1-64bit-dd-ccc-whql

    Please can someone check for me if its the new driver thats causing a problem with Vorpx?

    All my rift games and demos are still working fine still so its just vorpx.

    Does it need to be updated to work with the latest ati driver?



    Didn’t have that problem when I tested 14.9 this Morning. I did to a complete driver sweep before installing.


    Thanks for checking Laser, it turned out to be a problem with the vorpx interpupillary distance.
    I’ve done the test and had it tested with an optician at 68mm but if I go any higher than the standard 64mm setting on vorpx I get both images way out of sync. If I used the same setting on the Rift control panel however it works fine.
    If people are having problems with images being out of sync (left and right not joining together) then I suggest do not use the setting ‘use oculus profile’ and keep your interpupillary setting at 64mm, give it a try.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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