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    I just wanted to say i like the start so far, its not perfect and to be honest not quite what i had hoped but…..its not bad for a beta and i like the features so far. I tried out a few games, arma 2, skyrim, and world of warcraft 3.3.5. I found that in the recommendations of using 1280 x 960 resolution that seems to work the best as far as having a correct aspect ratio. But as others have pointed out the Feild of view is rather small in most games. it helps in games that you can adjust the feild of view. a tip with World of Warcraft is to download the wow machinima tool and use the fov slider on that (but that seems to reset whenever you hit a loading screen) and the 3d depth in world of warcraft doesnt seem that good yet. but i think so far not a bad driver set, head tracking also sometimes feel like it sways a bit side to side at a angle sure it will be worked out in the future. :-) thanks for releasing it and i hope feedback will provide lots of help for improvements!


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