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    This problem seems somehow caused by a incompatibility between VorpX and the Far improvement mod for the Game, BUT without Far the game wouldn’t run at all on my more then “Nier: Automata – ready” PC.

    Basically when set to geometry 3D, the right eye is only showing black and maybe in certain situtions some parts of the ui. Also the FOV fix and camera hight settings all don’t seem to work as well, so VorpX must not be communicating with the games camera and settings properly.
    While z3d seems to work I personally find it very distracting.

    Anyway if there is some setting in VorpX that I might be able to change or an Idea what could actually be causing the game to this, I would be really happy. There might be a setting to change in Far as well, but I have no Idea where the issue is comming from.

    I haven’t been able to use VorpX for many games recently
    (been playing Hollow Knight with 3D Fix Manager + virtual Desktop and also Citra 3DS emulation)
    So I would be really thankful for any help! Nier really does seem like it could work really well!


    Judging from what the mod does it probably also hooks into the graphics pipeline and thus creates a conflict with vorpX. The only thing you can try that *might* help is switching to alternative hooking in the vorpX config app. With a bit of luck that may change whether the mod or vorpX first hook into the game.

    If that doesn’t help there isn’t really anything else you can do aside from uninstalling the mod.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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