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    Good day!
    So, I am attempting to play Prey 2017 with the official profile. All works fine except…no 3d of any kind in all 3 modes (g3d, z3d). Anyone else have this issue? There isn’t a direct vr scan and I didn’t change any settings, so not sure why it doesn’t work as it is an official profile. Thanks for any help!


    Tried a bunch else to no avail. Still cannot get 3d to work with Prey. Could it be that it was purchased from GOG? Since it is DRM free, I would think it would have fewer potential issues with Vorpx and WMR openxr. Aby advice would be appreciated!


    The only thing I can suggest is checking whether the GOG version also uses prey.exe as name for the main game .exe, sometimes other editions may use different .exe names. Also please try to reset the profile to default, just in case.

    If none of that helps, there is a remote chance that the profile doesn’t work for the GOG version. Fairly unlikely, but not entirely impossible. The profile was done with the Steam release.


    Appreciate the response! No dice on getting Prey to work in 3d, though. Can’t win them all…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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