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    hello Ralf.

    for some months now i have troubles gettings directVR games full working.

    usually 2 first scanner pass but positional tracking always fail, well when it actually pass the positional tracking doesnt work at all just like if it was disabled, or my headtracking doesnt work anymore.

    for alien colonial marines for example.
    1 scan (rotation) ok
    2 scan (fov) ok
    3 scan (positional) fail = basic positional tracking still works + headtracking.
    but glitches with fov switching on and off all of a sudden.

    sometimes still with alien colonial marines

    1 scan (rotation) ok
    2 scan (fov) ok
    3 scan (positional) ok = no headtracking at all or headtracking but no positional tracking at all.

    i can repeat this in all directVR games, fresh install, no mods, antivirus disabled, every extra softwares disabled, tried unplugging every extra usb hardware i have, unplugged my second monitor, still no luck.

    so basically even if scan 3 fails i have full direct VR + some sort of positional tracking (i know it’s strange right) but it resets every time i enter a new zone or load a save.

    strange enough, i remember years ago everything was working great.

    i’m at lost here but i have a question, and sorry for being noob about tech stuff but are you 100% sure that base 1 htc vive stations still works perfectly fine with direct VR scanner code despite all the updates you did, do you still check this when you update vorpx ? maybe base stations have nothing to do with my issue but i have no idea what is causing this.

    this is the only issue i have with vorpx right now and i’d love to find a way to fix it so any help would be greatly appreciated :)



    anyone else has this issue with direct VR games ? specially people with htc vive base stations ?

    just did today a clean W10 install, installing the bare minimum, issue still occurs :/

    my current setup is w10 (clean install, no extra software, windows antivirus)
    gtx 1080
    ryzen 5 3600x
    valve index (but this issue was also on my htc vive)
    2 htc vive base stations
    htc vive wands


    Did you check the message that is shown during the scan? Admittedly it’s only visible for a few seconds in older games since the scan usually is pretty fast, so it might be hard to catch.

    In a nutshell: scanning through a game’s memory to find a specific location is a rather complex matter and may fail depending on a plethora of factors. There is no 100% guarantee. The scanner may even fail entirely on a specific machine. There also may be situations were the scanner ‘thinks’ it succeeded, but in fact didn’t. In such a case, just run it again ideally from a slightly different spot.

    If only the position scan fails, but the profile has default G3D positional tracking, there is no real need to repeat a scan. The default positional tracking works almost as good.


    thanks for answer Ralf :)

    what i dont understand is why directVR was working perfectly fine like 2 years ago on my computer but now fails at least the positional scanning part since about 1 year now, i changed some part of my computer recently but that still happened on my previous hardware which i had since 2016.

    what i noticed is when positional scanning is at work, i can see a brief rectangle on and off in the middle of the screen very briefly like if something was messing with the scanning.

    directVr is so brillant, i’d really like to find a fix for this.

    i’ll post some of vorpx log later if you could check it when you’ll have some time that’d be greatly appreciated :)

    just a quick question, one of my htc vive base station died some months ago so i bought a new one, but this one even so it’s a V1 base station has less led than the original one, could it be the culprit ?

    i have zero issue playing roomscale native vr games but maybe that could still bring issue with vorpx ? or maybe base stations have nothing to do with this issue ?


    The base stations don’t affect the memory scanner.

    Probably the scanner is just a bit more picky in the level you are currently in. Just checked it at the beginning, works perfectly fine here. You really don’t have to care much about the position scan in ACM, rotation and FOV are the important ones. DirectVR position gives a little bit more leeway in regard to walking around, but otherwise the default positional tracking is perfectly fine in ACM, well suited for playing standing in place.


    thanks for checking Ralf :)

    here’s the vorpx.log for bioshock

    INF: VorpControl: Starting (32bit, version 20.3.1).
    INF: VorpControl: Starting elevated (32bit, version 20.3.1).
    INF: VorpControl: Starting elevated (64bit, version 20.3.1).
    INF: vorpControl: Profile database update aborted. (local: 20.3.0|112, remote: 0.0.0|-1)

    INF: ********************************************************************

    INF: App: Attaching to bioshock.exe, pid:1072 (32bit)
    INF: App: cmd: “D:\steamapps dd1\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Builds\Release\bioshock.exe” -dx9
    INF: App: vorpX version: vorpX 20.3.1, build time: Aug 13 2020 | 18:58:42
    INF: App: max. supported profile version: 20.3.0
    INF: App: Authoring mode: 0
    INF: MemScanManager: Created
    INF: ProgSettings: Versions: system: 19.2.1, user: 20.3.0
    INF: GameHelper: Instance created
    INF: App: BaseInit: crash handler set, previous handler stored.
    INF: Hook Base: Installing base init hooks single-threaded
    INF: D3D9 Base: Installing main hook (functions)
    INF: D3D10 Base: Installing Main Hook
    INF: DXGI Base: Installing Main Hook
    INF: XInput Base: Checking Main Hook
    INF: XInput Base: Hooking xinput1_3.dll
    INF: DirectInput Base: Checking Main DirectInput Hook
    INF: DirectInput Base: DirectInput not detected, hooking delayed
    INF: DirectInput Base: Checking Main DirectInput8 Hook
    INF: DirectInput Base: DirectInput 8 detected.
    INF: HookBase: Installing system hooks
    INF: HookBase: Installing mouse hook
    INF: VorpControl Injector: Injecting Bioshock.exe, pid:1072, mode:1, method:2
    INF: VorpControl Injector: DLL injected: Bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpControl: Starting process life thread: proc id: 1072, hook count: 1
    INF: AudioHelper: Audio device not changed, is already: Index HMD
    INF: D3D9 Interface: CreateDevice
    INF: App: Profile GUID: 03E8912A-7F46-4282-945E-42F45B81F38C (official)
    INF: High Performance Counter Frequency: 10000000
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 0.007000
    INF: VorpSetting: /: Cabin Condensed
    INF: VorpSetting: /: Cabin Condensed
    INF: VorpSetting: /: Arial
    INF: VorpSetting: /: Wingdings
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 547
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 803
    INF: VorpSetting: General/sDeviceIniName: SteamVR
    INF: VorpSetting: Display/iAdapterIndex: -2
    INF: VorpSetting: Display/bDisableDWM: false
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/bShowAdvancedParameters: true
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/bShowPosTrackingNotification: true
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/bShowStartMessage: true
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/bHideUnimportantNotifications: false
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/iGuiTexWidth: 2048
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/iGuiTexHeight: 2048
    INF: VorpSetting: GUI/bShowWatermark: true
    INF: VorpSetting: Audio/iAudioMode: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Input/fHtRecenterDistance: 0.800000
    INF: VorpSetting: Input/iMouseWheelShift: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Input/iMouseWheelAlt: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/iHookThreadMode: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/iHookStyleDX9: 1
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/iHookStyleDX12: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/bOverlayBlock: true
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/sOverlays32: GameOverlayRenderer.dll##IGO32.dll##overlay.dll##overlay_mediator_x32_Release.dll
    INF: VorpSetting: Hooking/sOverlays64: GameOverlayRenderer64.dll##igo64.dll##overlay64.dll##overlay_mediator_x64_Release.dll
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/sAuthorCode: 0
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/bShaderAuthoring: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/sNppPath:
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/sAuthorDataPath:
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/bDumpShaders: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/bDumpShaderBinary: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/bCreateAdditionalHashes: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Authoring/iAllShadersTimeRangeMs: 5000
    INF: VorpSetting: Dev/bForceWindowed: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Misc/bTsDisableDX9GrabberScan: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Misc/bGhDisallowSettingsChanges: false
    INF: VorpSetting: Misc/sSrvMonitorNamesOculus: MONITOR\NVDD
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyMenu: 46
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyEdgePeek: 4
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyVRHotkeys: 260
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyReset: 813
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyCursor: 835
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyStereoDisable: 856
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyFovAdjust: 854
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyCenterPosTracking: 800
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyCenterGamepad: 544
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyInfoOverlay: 838
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyMagnifier: 4
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyG3DZ3DSwitch: 843
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyDvrScan: 844
    INF: VorpSetting: KeyMappings/iKeyDvrEnable: 834
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 770
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 846
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 857
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 956
    INF: VorpSetting: /: 845
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/sProductName: SteamVR
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/sFriendlyName: SteamVR (Index, Vive, WMR, Pimax etc.)
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/sManufacturer: SteamVR
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/sModelNumber:
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iType: 50
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/bAllowDisplayClone: false
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iDesiredFps: 90
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iPerformanceWarnFps: 0
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iRecommendedGameResX: 1920
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iRecommendedGameResY: 1080
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fDisplayCamFovV: 95.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fPhysicalScreenWidth: 125.769997
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iScreenResX: 1920
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iScreenResY: 1080
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fScreenAspect: 1.777778
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fChromAberrationStrengthRed: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fChromAberrationStrengthBlue: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fMinColor: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fIPDDefault: 64.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iRollMode: 1
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fLensDist0C1: 1.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fLensDist0C2: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fLensDist0C3: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fLensDist0C4: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fLensDist0Scale: 1.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/bVerticalShiftEnable: false
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/bDmNewDirectModeAllow: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/bDmFluidSyncAllow: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/fDmGammaCorrection: 1.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/iHtType: 50
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/bHasDeviceAudio: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: Hardware/sAudioSearchNames: Index HMD|HTC-VIVE|Rift Audio|Rift S
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iStereoDisplayMode: 4
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iAnaglyphMode: 2
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iRenderMode: 10
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iTimewarpMode: 1
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iPrediction: 1
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/fVignetteScale: 1.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/fUserIPD: 64.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/fVerticalShiftLeft: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/fVerticalShiftRight: 0.000000
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bChromaticAberrationCorrection: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bMinimumColor: false
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bEnableDeviceAudio: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iDmBufferGrabberSyncDX11: 0
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iDmBufferGrabberSyncDX12: 1
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bDmNewDirectModeEnable: true
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iDmFluidSyncMode: 3
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bDmAllowWaitForDmmRender: false
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bVrApiMotionSmoothing: false
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/iVrhcControllerType: 3
    INF: DeviceSetting: User/bVrhcbSwapButtonsBYEnable: true
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/sProductName: OpenVRTracker
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/sFriendlyName: OpenVR Tracker
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/sManufacturer: OpenVR
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/sModelNumber:
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/iType: 50
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/bHtHasPosTracking: true
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/iHtAxisIndexX: 0
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/iHtAxisIndexY: 1
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/iHtAxisIndexZ: 2
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/fHtAxisMultX: -1.000000
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/fHtAxisMultY: -1.000000
    INF: TrackerSetting: Hardware/fHtAxisMultZ: -1.000000
    INF: TrackerSetting: User/bHtEnable: true
    INF: TrackerSetting: User/bHtRollEnable: true
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Initializing device
    INF: TrackerOpenVR: Init
    INF: DXGI Base: CreateDXGIFactory1
    INF: DXGI Base: Installing secondary hooks 1
    INF: DXGI Base: Installing secondary hooks 2
    WRN: DXGI Base: Hooking swapchain methods with unknown API (UNDEFINED), using DX11
    INF: DXGI SwapChainHelper: Installing secondary hooks 4
    INF: DXGI SwapChainHelper: Installing secondary hooks 5
    INF: DXGI SwapChainHelper: Installing secondary hooks 6
    INF: DXGI Base: Installing secondary hooks 3
    WRN: Hook: Source module mismatch (dxgi_QueryInterfaceDevice), expected: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxgi.dll, actual: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll
    WRN: Hook: Source module mismatch (dxgi_GetParentDevice), expected: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxgi.dll, actual: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll
    INF: DXGI Base: CreateDXGIFactory1
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Init succeeded, HMD found: Valve Index (tracker: lighthouse)
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Runtime Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR
    INF: OpenVRDevice: API DLL Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Animation Labs\vorpX\Devices\OpenVR\win32\vpenvr_api.dll
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Render target size: 1848×2052
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Render target AR: 0.900585
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Desired game AR: 0.900585
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Desired framerate: 119.999992
    INF: OpenVRDevice: FOV: 109.416176
    INF: OpenVRDevice: IPD: 0.061139
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Zoom multiplier: 0.786344
    INF: AudioHelper: Audio device not changed, is already: Index HMD
    INF: ExtraSetting: EnvImageMap/:
    INF: ExtraSetting: /: 1.000000
    INF: ExtraSetting: MouseDisableAxisY/: false
    INF: ExtraSetting: VrhcSwapHands/: false
    INF: ExtraSetting: GhResolutionQuality/: 1
    INF: ExtraSetting: DmThreadSyncBeta/: 0
    INF: MemScan Manager: Initialized
    INF: Hook Base: Installing hooked init hooks single-threaded
    INF: XInput Base: Checking loaded XInput versions.
    INF: DirectInput Base: Checking Main DirectInput Hook
    INF: DirectInput Base: DirectInput not detected, hooking delayed
    INF: Mouse/Keyboard Base: Installing Main Hook
    INF: Sound Manager: Initialized, audio mode: 0
    INF: App: Graphics API changed: DX9
    INF: ProgSettings: Versions: system: 19.2.1, user: 20.3.0
    INF: G3DSettings: Loading settings (19.2.1)
    INF: ProgSetting User: General/sVersion: 20.3.0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImageZoom: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fUiScale: 0.400000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fUiScaleHorizontal: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fUiStereoOffset: 0.750000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fEdgePeekScaleMin: 0.600000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fEdgePeekStereoMultiplier: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iEdgePeekBackground: 10
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImageBackground: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImageAmbienceBrightness: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iAspectRatioCorrection: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImageSharpness: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImageGameGamma: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImageGameSaturation: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImageInputGeometryType: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImageInputStereoType: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bImageInputStereoFlip: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImageInputSurroundFovH: 360
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImageInputSurroundFovV: 180
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bImageInputSurroundGuessParams: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iGameDisplayMode: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iVirtualScreenScene: 100
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenHtMultiplier: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenDistanceOffset: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenScale: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenPitch: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenCurvature: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bVirtualScreenCurvedVertical: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenBrightness: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenEnvBrightness: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenEncGamma: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fVirtualScreenEnvSaturation: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iVirtualScreenAspect: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iVirtualScreenAntialias: 4
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImmersiveScreenHtMultiplier: 0.500000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImmersiveScreenDistanceOffset: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImmersiveScreenScale: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImmersiveScreenPitch: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/fImmersiveScreenCurvature: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bImmersiveScreenCurvedVertical: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImmersiveScreenBackground: 10
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iImmersiveScreenEdgePeekBackground: 10
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iDirectModeRenderQuality: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/iDirectModeRenderAsyncModeNew: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bDirectModePresentOrigImage: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bVirtualScreenMode: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bVirtualScreenLockHeadTracking: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Image/bEdgePeekDisableStereo: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtSensitivity: 0.310000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtInvertX: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtInvertY: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtPosTrackingEnable: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtPosTrackingOverrideLock: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtPosTrackingUserMultiplier: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtG3DLatencyEnhancement: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtCrouchJumpEnabled: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtCrouchPosYThreshold: -0.100000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtCrouchVelocityThreshold: 0.700000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iHtCrouchKey: 162
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bHtCrouchCrouchKeyIsToggle: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtJumpPosYThreshold: 0.050000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fHtJumpVelocityThreshold: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iHtJumpKey: 32
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/bDvrEnable: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/bDvrForceGameHelperFov: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/fDvrFovWorldOffset: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/fDvrFovPlayerOffset: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/bDvrLockLookPitch: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/bDvrPositionEnable: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: DirectVR/bDvrUseCache: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: GameHelper/bGhChangeSettings: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: GameHelper/bGhChangeResolution: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: GameHelper/bGhChangeFov: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: GameHelper/bGhChangeFovRT: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bMouseDisableAcceleration: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bMouseHandleCursor: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bMouseForceVorpCursor: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bKeyBlockAlt: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bKeyBlockEdgePeek: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bKeyBlockVorpX Menu: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iXiOverride: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iXiOverrideDirectVR: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bXiOverridePartLeftStick: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bXiOverridePartRightStick: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bXiOverridePartButtons: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iXiHtControllerNum: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iXiHtMode: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fXiHtDeadzoneCorrection: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fXiHtSensitivityX: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fXiHtSensitivityY: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadSensitivityLeftX: 0.150000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadSensitivityLeftY: 0.150000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadSensitivityRightX: 0.050000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadSensitivityRightY: 0.010000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadDeadzoneLeft: 0.200000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadDeadzoneRight: 0.200000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadWalkRunKey: 162
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bGpadWalkRunInvert: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bGpadWalkRunIsToggle: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadThumbStickCurve: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadVorpXButtonMode: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadVorpXButtonBind1: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadVorpXButtonBind2: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadNativeSensitivityRightYFullVR: 0.300000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fGpadNativeSensitivityRightYCinema: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode0: 69
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode1: 70
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode2: 82
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode3: 32
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode4: 71
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode5: 77
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode6: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode7: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode8: 38
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode9: 40
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode10: 37
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode11: 39
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode12: 67
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode13: 81
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode14: 27
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iGpadKeycode15: 9
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode0: 27
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText0: ESC
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode1: 116
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText1: QSave
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode2: 120
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText2: QLoad
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode3: 77
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText3: M
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode4: 49
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText4: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode5: 50
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText5: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode6: 51
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText6: 3
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode7: 73
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText7: I
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode8: 52
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText8: 4
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode9: 53
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText9: 5
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode10: 54
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText10: 6
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode11: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText11:
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode12: 55
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText12: 7
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode13: 56
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText13: 8
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode14: 57
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText14: 9
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVhkKeycode15: 48
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/sVhkVisText15: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcControllerMode: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcTrackPadModeLeft: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcTrackPadModeRight: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcDeadzoneMouse: 0.100000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcDeadzoneKeys: 0.300000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bVrhcAllowLeftStickShift: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bVrhcShiftSwapLeft: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/bVrhcShiftSwapRight: false
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcKbmStickModeLeft: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcSensitivityLeftX: 0.250000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcSensitivityLeftY: 0.250000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcSensitivityRightX: 0.250000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/fVrhcSensitivityRightY: 0.070000
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcExtraKeyLeftGamepadDefault: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcExtraKeyRightGamepadDefault: 3
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrhcControllerVisType: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode0: 1
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode1: 2
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode2: 87
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode3: 83
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode4: 65
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode5: 68
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode6: 69
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode7: 67
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode8: 82
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode9: 70
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode10: 71
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode11: 32
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode12: 27
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode13: 9
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode14: 160
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode15: 162
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode16: 38
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode17: 40
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode18: 37
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode19: 39
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode20: 136
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode21: 137
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode22: 49
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode23: 50
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode24: 51
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode25: 52
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode26: 69
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode27: 81
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode28: 82
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode29: 32
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode30: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode31: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode32: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode33: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode34: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: Input/iVrcKeycode35: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/i3DCreateMethod: 3
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fSeparationNormal: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fFocOffsetNormal: 0.030000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fSeparationComplex: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fFocOffsetComplex: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/bUseDOFComplex: true
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fZMultF: 0.500000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fSeparationG3D: 1.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fFocOffsetG3D: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fG3DFovEnhance: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fG3DCamHeightModifier: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/iG3DMainEye: 0
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fPlayerModelOffsetY: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fPlayerModelOffsetZ: 0.000000
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/iG3DShadowTreatment: 4
    INF: ProgSetting User: D3D9/fRtsTargetScale: 1.000000
    INF: DirectModeManager: Render target resize requested.
    INF: D3D9 ShaderSwapper: Instance created
    INF: D3D9 ShaderSwapper: shader path: C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX\Cache\shr\03E8912A-7F46-4282-945E-42F45B81F38C\
    INF: ShaderParser not available.
    INF: D3D9 Manager: Initializing device (frame: 0)
    INF: D3D9 Manager: Buffer Resolution: 1920×1440, Format: X8R8G8B8, MSAA: false
    INF: Display Adapter Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
    INF: Display Adapter Device Name: \\.\DISPLAY1
    INF: Display Adapter Driver: nvldumd.dll
    INF: Display Adapter Driver WHQL: 0
    INF: Nvidia Driver Version: 45671, r456_61
    INF: Available GPU Memory: 4054MB
    INF: D3D9 BufferGrabber initialized. Grab mode: 1
    INF: D3D9 ShaderManager: shaders created
    INF: UIRendererDX9: Initialized
    INF: D3D9 GameRenderer: Initialized
    INF: ProgState: UpdatePostFrame first time.
    INF: Hook Base: Installing first frame hooks single-threaded
    INF: XInput Base: Checking loaded XInput versions.
    INF: DirectInput Base: Checking Main DirectInput Hook
    INF: DirectInput Base: DirectInput not detected, hooking delayed
    INF: UI Manager: Initialized
    INF: Keyboard: Init
    INF: Input Manager: Initialized
    INF: ProgState: First Time Init 1
    INF: TrackerOpenVR: Init
    INF: OpenVRDirectModeManager: base initialized, mode: extra thread
    INF: DXGI Base: CreateDXGIFactory1
    INF: DXGI Base: CreateDXGIFactory1
    INF: DirectModeManager: headset render target size reduced (unecessarily large): 2772×3078 > 2593×2880
    INF: DirectModeManager: headset render target size final: 2593×2880
    INF: OpenVRDirectModeManager: renderer initialized.
    INF: UIRendererDX11: Initialized
    INF: Engine3D: Scene Initialized: 13
    INF: RendererDX11: Initialized (2593×2880). Multisampling off.
    INF: VR Controller Manager: Init: no controllers found
    INF: OpenVR Controller Manager: Initialized
    INF: MemScanManger: cache readiness: r:f p:f f:f
    INF: SettingsUI: Init
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: MemScan Manager: 1 invalid pointer(s): r:1 p:0 f:0
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: Position scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: Position scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: vorpScan: Starting to scan host: bioshock.exe
    INF: vorpScan: Rotation scan succeeded.
    INF: vorpScan: FOV scan succeeded.
    WRN: vorpScan: Position scan failed. Possible values found: 0
    INF: vorpScan: Exiting.
    INF: D3D9 Manager: Releasing
    INF: UIRendererDX9: Released
    INF: D3D9 Manager: Released
    INF: Main: Detaching from bioshock.exe
    INF: Main: Graceful Exit
    INF: UI Manager: Released
    INF: Gamepad Manager: Released
    INF: Keyboard: Release
    INF: Input Manager: Released
    INF: OpenVR Controller Manager: Released
    INF: DirectModeManager: Releasing
    INF: TrackerOpenVR: Release
    INF: OpenVRDirectModeManager: Released
    INF: TrackerOpenVR: Release
    INF: OpenVRDevice: Released
    INF: Sound Manager: Released
    INF: Resource Manager: Released
    INF: D3D9 Base: Removing Main Hook
    INF: D3D10 Base: Removing Main Hook
    INF: DXGI SwapChainHelper: SwapChain method hooks removed.
    INF: XInput Base: Removing Main Hook
    INF: DirectInput Base: Removing Main Hook
    INF: Mouse/Keyboard Base: Removing Main Hook
    INF: HookBase: Removing system hooks
    INF: HookBase: Removing mouse hook
    INF: MemScan Manager: Released
    INF: MemScanManager: Destroyed
    INF: GameHelper: Destroyed
    INF: App: Released
    INF: Main: Graceful Exit Success

    INF: vorpControl: Audio device reset to: Index HMD (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
    INF: vorpControl: Exiting process life thread: Bioshock.exe, 1072

    i have this issue with all directVr games.

    i’ll try to see if i can fix it myself if not well i’ll just live with it i guess.


    Looks perfectly fine as far as I can tell. Again, you can safely ignore the positional scan if it fails on your machine for some reason. The default positional tracking is almost as good. All UE3 scanner profiles (Bioshocks, ACM, etc.) have been individually optimized and finetuned to death for hours and are as good as possible.

    There isn’t really much else to say than I said in my first reply (or what the scanner screen says already for that matter). In a nutshell: scanning through a game’s memory to find a specific location is a rather complex matter and may fail depending on a plethora of factors. There is no 100% guarantee. The scanner may even fail entirely on a specific machine. There also may be situations were the scanner ‘thinks’ it succeeded, but in fact didn’t. In such a case, just run it again ideally from a slightly different spot.

    Since it worked before and now suddenly doesn’t, it would also make sense to check whether you made any changes to your system since then (e.g. additional background applications running) and if so revert them to check whether that makes a difference.


    thanks Ralf for your time and answers, i greatly appreciate :)

    i just disabled positional tracking in vorpx menu to avoid having it scanned with directvr and now the issue i had is gone, rotation & fov success all the time, and default positional tracking like you said is good enough, i play seated so it’s fine now, i could still play standing but i’m a bit lazy :p

    i know you worked hard countless hours on profiles and vorpx itself, and i truly appreciate all the work you are doing :)

    cheers !

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