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    ace combat 7 skies unknown i set everything up i used the reddit cloud profile but theres no head tracking and the camera is inverted if i look up the camera looks down i have quest 2 using air link ac7 is on steam, help.


    Can‘t really say much to user profiles, I have never tried the game.

    In general: per default (unless a profile has more advanced head tracking techniques, which usually only official profiles have) vorpX emulates a mouse with head tracking, so you‘d have to configure the game for looking around with a mouse. Not sure if that‘s possible for Ace Combat.

    The y-axis directions for the mouse emulation can be changed in the vorpX menu on the input page.

    Alternatively vorpX can emulate a gamepad stick with head tracking, but that‘s fairly laggy and should only be tried as a last resort. If you want to try that, set ‚X-Box Gamepad Override‘ to off and then ‚Head Tracking As Gamepad‘ to ‚On‘.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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