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    Anyone playing this with vorpx. Any good settings that make this enjoyable?


    sadly cant get the dam del button to work. spend about 8 hour and the only thing i can get it desktop theater. i would rather play it on my screen in that case.


    Can you not move “del” to another key with the vorpX configurator?


    There are rumours that the upcoming update to No Man’s Sky will include VR support. So it might be worth spending time with other games until that’s either confirmed or denied.


    While I hope that’s true I kind of doubt it. The NMS community is getting increasingly cargo-cultish, reading a lot into every little thing that Hello Games puts out. Didn’t the last rumbling turn out to be Xbone release? Or have there been other hints?

    As for Vorpx I’ve had no luck. Geometry runs terribly, Z-Normal looks funky.


    3D support had to be disabled after the No Man’s Sky 2.0 update last year unfortunately, you should see a message about that when the game starts. The game also isn’t listed as supported anymore since then.

    Auto FOV-adjustment was left in though, so you can still play in 2D without much fiddling arround. That’s not everybody’s cup of tea, of course.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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