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    Here is an experimental profile for No Man’s Sky. Simply drag and drop the file into the local profiles list in the vorpX config app. Be aware that with a minimum specs GPU performance won’t be too great with 3D enabled.

    Important Hints:

    1. The profile uses a low ImageZoom value to compensate for the FOV, 16:9 resolutions minimize bars caused by that (1680×1050 was used here).
    2. Set the FOV in the game’s graphics options to 100 (the max. value).
    3. Set all quality related graphics options to “Low” for better performance.
    4. Set the “Max FPS” option in the game’s graphics options to “Max”.

    FOV still isn’t quite right this way. You can enhance it with the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX menu. Be aware that this will cause various glitches though.

    Might also be worth a try to disable 3D completely which runs a lot better.

    Download: No Man’s Sky (experimental).vpp

    Optional: FOV-adjustment for full immersion:

    Below you find a preconfigured ini file that raises the FOV above what is possible in the game and sets the resolution to 1280×1024 to regain some performance lost by doing that. 16:9 resolutions like mentioned above aren’t required with a higher FOV.

    1. Browse to your [No Man’s Sky Folder]\Binaries\SETTINGS\” folder. For Steam the install folder usually is [Steam]\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky, for GOG [GOG Game Folder]\No Man’s Sky
    2. Replace TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML with the one below. Make a backup!
    3. Optionally write protect the file to prevent the game from resetting values.
    4. Raise the Image Zoom in the vorpX menu to match the higher FOV and reduce the bars around the image: ~0.6 slightly depending on your headset.

    Download preconfigured ini: TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML


    I haven’t tried this yet. But watching videos of it… When the ship boosts, and the FOV expands.. it makes the cockpit look unsettling. Can this ever be fixed by VorpX alone, or will it require a tweak done by Hello Games?


    I’m probably the wrong man to ask in regard to whether it’s unsettling or not since I’m practically immune to VR sickness – I can even play Descent with vorpX without getting sick – but for me it’s just an artistic visualization of whatever one might really experience when a space ship accelerates to light speed. You can always switch to EdgePeek mode though in cockpit view, which might sense anyway since there is no free look while flying.


    The FOV doesn’t expand when I play it using Vorpx.
    I’m not sure what settings the YouTube videos are using.


    The FOV doesn’t expand when I play it using Vorpx.
    I’m not sure what settings the YouTube videos are using.

    That sounds awesome. Are you using the settings posted in this thread? Or are you using other settings as well? I’m considering buying VorpX for this. :P

    Ralf, I also am immune to motion sickness.. I was more concerned with breaking immersion by seeing a lot of empty space around the sides of the cockpit. This is from what I saw of the Hoopermation youtube videos. Do you know what I’m talking about?


    I use a slightly higher resolution since I have a GTX1080 PC here, but apart from that I play it with the settings above.

    Not everybody does, but if you like the game and don’t completely object retrofitted VR, you will like it with vorpX. If I may give a little general advice without being asked for it: this is meant to entertain, don’t over-analyze every little detail of things that are supposed to be fun – that’s just the best way of destroying exactly that fun before you can ever have it.


    I have green screen in the game. Only item markers are visible. Menu seems to be ok. 3D of and on , no changes.


    Does anyone else only get gaze steering when in the ship, but freelook when walking?


    I can set in 1600×1200 in 50fps / 89 in game, rather fluid. (GTX 1080)
    but Vorpx glitch shading the ground if you try to adjust “3D FOV Enhancement”.
    And without that,
    it makes a world a little “frosty/foggy” onto the ground
    With the added bonus of a strong “zoom” any objects that are in 1st plan

    Not really great for VR immersion all this


    Hi! Does this run with runtime 1.3?

    Grey Area

    So, tried this and it’s “fun” but not really a “VR solution”;

    * Walking around on the planet is fine – except by the time you’ve zoomed the image enough to get immersion, you can’t see the elements of the hud (multitool info, location indicators etc) as they’re all off-screen

    * As someone mentiond above, head tracking is linked to looking around when walking – but linked to ship direction when in flight.

    * Interacting with any of the inventory screens is horrible. The head tracking and the controller “fight” each other and the zoom again means that much of the information is lost around the edges.

    * Interacting with NPCs and the monolith or manufacturing facility quests would similarly benefit from different settings.

    None of these are the fault of the profile, just the way the game is coded (no option to reposition or shrink the inventory screen menus for example). However they could be addressed by the profile…

    I’m new to VorpX so I don’t know if this is possible…but if you could switch between multiple profiles by a keypress…then you could have one “walking” profile, one “flight” profile and one “inventory” profile.

    Since the inventory key is always the inventory key, you could bind the inventory profile to the same key; press inventory and the profile switches to a lower zoom setting and with the head tracking turned off.

    Flight profile would be harder because there’s no specific “ship” button, it’s the same “action” button as many other things.

    I think a lot of games would benefit from this. Can VorpX do it?


    I think that’s an awesome idea Grey Area, that would be great if possible.


    Is there any non experimental support for this game?

    “Oh, where was I? – The profile and instructions can be found here. A more fleshed out version with automated Game Optimizer adjustments will be made available with the next vorpX version that will be out soon™”

    Did this ever happen?


    I’m waiting to play this game cause i need a vr experience :3


    Me too!

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