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    Tony Spaniels

    So like pretty much all of us I too wanted to try NMS using vorpx. Last night I saw an article about how one guy got it working using a profile from vorpx cloud and I tried it out with minimal success. It’s geometry 3d but barely. I couldnt get it to work properly after tweaking the usual settings unfortunately.

    Has anyone else had any success with this?

    Also now that we have cloud profile set ups does this mean that Ralf wont be releasing any new updates for games himself?


    I’m not sure yet whether there will be an official profile since the game has quite a few issues ranging from not so great performance to low FOV. It’s also an OpenGL game, which makes it quite a surprise that it works in 3D, Geometry 3D normally doesn’t for newer OpenGL versions.

    Here is an experimental profile though. Simply drag and drop the file into the local profiles list in the vorpX config app.

    Important Hints:

    1. The profile uses a low ImageZoom value to compensate for the FOV, 16:9 resolutions minimize bars caused by that (1680×1050 was used here).
    2. Set the FOV in the game’s graphics options to 100 (the max. value).
    3. Set all quality related options in the game to “Low” for better performance.
    4. Set the “Max FPS” option in the game’s graphics options to “Max”.

    FOV still isn’t quite right this way. You can enhance it with the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX menu. Be aware that this will cause various glitches though.

    Might also be worth a try to disable 3D completely which runs a lot better.

    Download: No Man’s Sky (experimental).vpp

    Optional: FOV-adjustment for full immersion:

    Below you find a preconfigured ini file that raises the FOV above what is possible in the game and sets the resolution to 1280×1024 to regain some performance lost by doing that. 16:9 resolutions like mentioned above aren’t required with a higher FOV.

    1. Browse to your [No Man’s Sky Folder]\Binaries\SETTINGS\” folder. For Steam the install folder usually is [Steam]\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky, for GOG [GOG Game Folder]\No Man’s Sky
    2. Replace TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML with the one below. Make a backup first!
    3. Optionally write protect the file to prevent the game from resetting values.
    4. Raise the Image Zoom in the vorpX menu to match the higher FOV and reduce the bars around the image. ~0.6 slightly depending on your headset should be OK.

    Download preconfigured ini: TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML

    Tony Spaniels

    Thanks for that Ralf, I’ll check it out :)


    Thanks Ralf, I spent about an hour playing this in VR :)
    The FOV feels a little off, but other than that it runs
    really well on my 980ti.
    I have shadows and reflections on low, and everything else on medium.


    I updated the above post with a preconfigured ini file that mainly raises the FOV above what is possible in the game. That addresses the remaining FOV issue and the bars around the image. Much better.

    Make sure to follow all steps mentioned in the above post to apply the ini file. With a full blown profile the Game Optimizer could handle that, sorry for the manual steps involved. A Game Optimizer profile that automates this will be available with the next vorpX version.


    Oh man I wish I had read this post before I dicked around with the “Doom profile” way for hours today! Thanks for the temp NMS profile I will give it a shot tomorrow.


    Thank you Ralf!!!


    I also just wanted to add a quick tip that works for me. If you are having trouble seeing the icons for ship locations, scans, etc. move your head forward about 3-4 inches and then reset your view with ALT-SPACE. When you move your head back to the normal position you will see the icons correctly.


    I’m using a DK2, and when I start NMS I see it inside a rectangle, almost like cinema view. I’m not “inside the game”.



    Only experimental? This looks pretty damn good, and runs pretty well on my fairly substantial setup, Geometry 3D is without a doubt still the best 3D conversion out there. I’ve always found it concerning how much raising the FOV higher takes its toll on the performance, you wouldn’t think just widening the camera angle loses you frames but it does, think it’s just much easier to stick to Virtual Cinema for now, keep the default FOV and retain a solid frame rate, i have everything set to high in game and geometry 3D @ 1920 x 1080, and the frame rate only ever drops horribly when entering a planets atmosphere. This is great, you need to make more profiles!


    @ fernas: please follow the optional steps in the second post of this thread to raise the field of view above what the game allows. That will solve your issue.

    @ maximus: It’s mainly dubbed experimental because OpenGL support in vorpX never was 100% official and because there isn’t a Game Optimizer profile yet. More profiles will happen soon. The next update one more time mainly will be tech focused, but after that it’s finally time for more profiles again.


    Sorry if this is a noob question: I used the experimental vpp with NMS without the optional FOV adjustment. Every time I launch NMS with VorpX open, it crashes immediately. If I close VorpX it goes back to launching normally. What could I be missing, since everyone here reports that it’s working?

    Using an Oculus Rift and GTX 1070. Game usually flies at 80+ fps at mid to high settings.


    Any improvements with this game and vorpx?
    Game is on sale on steam and just had big update so I picked it up.
    Like to try using Vorpx


    Well, I bought this on offer yesterday after reading it worked quite well in Vorpx (played it extensively on the PS4 and loved it). Unfortunately, I’ve spent the better part of 3 hrs trying to get it out of the letterbox view on the Vive. I’ve tried the ini file (Ralf’s), used the Vorpx cloud profiles, tried this here: and increased the zoom slightly but they just has varying degrees of failure :(

    I would LOVE to play this as in-game with Vorpx but there’s no immersion when you can see the game through a window.

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