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    Looks like there is a profile, but it does not seem to be working well according to peoples posts. Any updates on it? Would be nice to know before buying it.


    The game has been removed from the supported games list since Stereo 3D had to be disabled after a large NMS update some time ago. Unfortunately it now uses newer OpenGL features that are not covered by vorpX.

    Head tracking and DirectVR FOV are still functional though, so the game is playable in full VR mode without much configuration. Works quite well provided you can live without stereo 3D, which is why the profile is still available despite the game not being officially supported anymore.


    i have been playing no man’s sky for like 50+ hours with vorpx, i use custom fov of 220 tho, and in immersive screen mode (this way i can see the whole ui if i need) and it’s amazing ! perfectly playable, and there is a nice sense of depth and the whole world scale feels ok ! just try it yourself and see, just remember fov to 220 is very important (i play at 2560×1440).

    those are the settings i edited :

    <Property name=”FoVOnFoot” value=”220.000000″ />
    <Property name=”FoVInShip” value=”220.000000″ />

    found in no man’s sky/binaries/settings, make sure to set the file read only or else it will reset if you go in options ingame.


    Steph12, is it in 3D? Cause Ralf said he took the 3D out.


    no it’s 2D, but still, it’s immersive and you get nice sense of depth, just make sure you use the right FoV.

    no man’s sky engine is very weird, for me it feels more 3D than 2D with my settings above.


    NMS is one of my favourite games at the moment.. Shame its not VR.
    I am hoping for official support one day from them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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