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    It seems to be there is no vorpx positional tracking, when i use my quest 2. I was playing much san anderas dispite the glitches in cutscenes on my old Rift and a big part was always vorpx positional tracking so i can look out a car window and stuff this option is crucial for me to count that as VR experince. Now its like qear VR oculus go no real tracking. I can only look around with my Head. Will this a feature in future vorpx positional tracking with inside out tracking ?

    greets StoniVR


    Whether a game has 6DOF or 3DOF tracking depends on two factors: for one by design only G3D games or games with dedicated DirectVR positional tracking can have 6DOF. Z3D can’t (aside from the aforementioned DirectVR exception). Also 6DOF is only unlocked in G3D games where it’s known not to cause too many/heavy glitches. You can however unlock 6DOF in every G3D game in the vorpX menu under ‘Headtracking Options’ and check yourself whether you are OK with the glitches it potentially may introduce.

    That works the same with Quest as it does with other headsets, at least if the Quest is used in native Oculus mode via Link/AirLink. Not sure about Virtual Desktop. I suspect that would also work, but never tried myself.

    One thing I noticed with Quest is that occasionally (e.g. under bad lighting conditions) it falls back to 3DOF in general. That has nothing to do with vorpX though. If you are sure a game definitely should have positional tracking, but doesn’t, it’s worth checking whether you currently have 6DOF tracking at all with your Quest, e.g. in Oculus Home.


    So after your answer i thought okay its maybe me i did something wrong iam an noob or idiot. But i swear there is still no Roomscale for me. I try everything the controllers get tracked like 6Dof. Pls dont underestimate me. I actually an little expert i finish the complete Game with Rift. I play this game like Luke Ross VR mod. There is no fake everything i set everything perfect Worldscale, Roomscale combination of mods tweaking and your software vorpx g3d (looking with your entire Head out of the Car window going out of CJ Body etc real roomscale like playing Luke ross gta V VR mod. And now with quest 2 there is no Roomscale on San Andreas i turn on and off under head tracking option it make no diffrents. Or gta 3, Vice city. old rift gameplay. Pls take a look or just acknowledge that there is no positional Tracking it is 6Dof without roomscale. Sorry my english is very bad, but i know what i am doing and talking about.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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