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    Hey Guys –

    I’m a long time vorpX owner and after reading an article recently, thought I’d try it out in Fallout New Vegas. I installed version from a standalone source (not steam) and ensured vorpX was up to date. I found out that I’d have to perform the first part of the game where you set up your character without vorpX, but that wasn’t a big deal. Once in the game (out of the Doctor’s office), I saved, closed the game, relaunched it with vorpX started, then did a DirectVR scan and it worked great – except for one thing…

    When playing Fallout NV with vorpX, I have no sound at all. When launching the game without vorpX, the sound works great – using vorpX, no go. The rift’s audio works great in other titles.

    Below is what I’ve tried to resolve the issue…
    – Alt-tabbing from Fallout NV and manually setting (Windows) audio device to Oculus Rift
    – Verifying volumes are up in Windows, Fallout NV, & by hitting menu on right Oculus controller in game
    – Verifying game produces sound when launched outside of vorpX
    – Verifying Rift audio works in other titles
    – Rebooting PC / relaunching game
    – Deselecting global vorpX option for “Use built-in audio” (and ensuring Windows audio device was set to Oculus Rift), applying, then relaunching vorpX & game
    – Setting the default audio device in vorpX Config’s Troubleshooting section to the Rift for Fallout NV then relaunching vorpX & game
    – Selecting option to run vorpX as administrator

    That’s all I could think to try so thought I’d post. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    Unfortunately i cant help you here, though i am abit nosy what “standalone” source that could be. Did they release a version which you can play like any other game from disk/DVD without beeing forced to connect to steam ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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