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    Playing GENERATON ZERO hooked to a cloud-profile:

    Works like a charm, but the following problem occurs in all modes, FullVR, ImmersiveScreen and TheaterScreen, regardless of what configuration i change.

    Movement Forward/Backward/Strafing: No problem
    Head-Movement: Stuttering, regardless if it´s with mouseview or headtracking, tracking set to fast/safe also doesn´t help.

    NOW here it gets interesting: No stuttering when i use xbox360 controller!

    Despite i wouldn´t have a problem playing it with xbox360 controller, i´d still prefer to play this one with mouse (or headtracking) but regardless of this all, i´d like to know what is causing this, so that i am aware of it in case it happens again with other titles.


    Some games cant input both mouse/keyboard and controller input, head tracking by default is done as mouse input. Usually I get stuttering in games using default head tracking with controller since it switches to mouse mode for head then back to controller input when I move.

    Vorpx has option to emulate head tracking through controller api and if profile has that enabled that you’d see issue how you described it. I dont remember tab where it has a setting for it, but it should be easy to find, just open vorpx control and see how head tracking is emulated.


    Thank you very much Smoils! Really appreciate it!

    I anyway keep on trying what possible reasons could be along with trying even more different configurations while i am done with all possible configurations within the game´s settings itself, next thing i try will be as you said, looking for that head-tracking emulation…

    PS: Probably the title here wasn´t really picked wisely, as it wrongly reads like xbox-controller actually would cause the stuttering.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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