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    Hi Ralf!

    I am building a DIY VR setup (to play COD and Battlefield) to see if I like the concept before buying the CV Rift when it comes out.

    I built an HMD with a 1200×800 screen, and it works great!

    I’m currently using a gyroscopic mouse for rotational tracking, (thinking of upgrading to Edtracker arduino joystick emulator for less drift)

    I would love to use VorpX as your youtube videos played through my HMD are fantastic for my lens setup. Perfect field of view.

    BUT, I am a little confused as to the quote on the main page
    “vorpX is a 3D-driver for virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift.”

    ‘Headsets’ being the operative word. Not just one manufacturer!!
    Then you go onto say ..”But actually you need an Oculus Rift!”

    Why do you need to have an OR Dev Kit? Is it not possible to release a version that includes the warping shader/wrapper for all the Google Cardboard and DIY’s out there?

    Let us worry about rotational tracking (mouse, wiimotes, kinect, etc..)
    Maybe you can release a ‘simplified version’ for DIYers.

    I am positive you would increase sales dramatically!

    Please Ralf, is this possible? I would much rather use this for my HMD than the alternatives.



    I am running into exactly the same problem and I am very disappointed that every question of this type I find via google or on the oculus forums never got answered and is totally ignored. So please add non-Rift HMD Support. I am using Nvidia Gamestream to utillize my smartphone as HMD. I owned a DK2 before, but since the quality of both solutions is quite equal I sold my Rift and sticked to my Smartphone HMD. I was hoping I could continue to use vorpx, but with its lacking support it is currently useless.


    If you built your headsets to use the oculus run time then It would probably work out of the box but I have now idea for sure. I’m sure support for major brand headsets will be supported once they actually show up. As for home brew style HMDs it would probably be hard to try to trouble shoot everything just for one unique set up. Good luck on your project, sounds cool.


    This is a somewhat delicate matter. There are mainly two reasons why I’m hesitant to support phone based solutions.

    1. Most people would expect that vorpX can do everything from game rendering to phone head tracking and streaming the content to the phone without requiring additional software. Currently vorpX could only do the rendering. Head tracking would probably be relatively easy, but a rock solid streaming solution takes a lot of time.

    2. It’s literally impossible to adjust optical/lens parameters perfectly for every phone/VR adapter out there without individual calibration. Currently there is no user friendly way to calibrate this in vorpX, which would be necessary to avoid a lot of “my image is distorted” support issues that are not solvable without the exact same phone/adapter combination. Such a calibration routine wouldn’t be too hard, but currently it’s just not there.

    Phone VR support isn’t ruled out for the future though. I’d be really happy to do this.


    I understand that distortion will be an issue. Nevertheless I would appreciate experimental support for non Oculus HMD. Vorpx is superior to tridef and vireio so I am a little disappointed that I cannot use vorpx anymore since I sold my devkit.


    Thanks Ralf. I hope you do develop Phone VR, or non-rift VR.

    One thing to remember, there are a LOT more phones out there than Rifts! This could be a HUGE earner for VorpX! ;)


    Dear Ralf, I know that earlier versions vorpx, was to support the crafts division can get this version?


    To my regret I can not use a product that I bought, what do I do?


    Hey, I hope I’m not being a bother by resurrecting this thread. It was said by Ralf that the main issue with developing a Phone or DIY supported driver would be that it wouldn’t do streaming, head tracking or lens correction. I signed up just now to point out that programs such as TrinusVR accomplish these tasks quite well! At only 8$ for the full version TrinusVR would be the ideal companion for Mobile Phone VorpX ‘experience’. Just add TrinusVR or other software as a requirement for VorpX to work with Phones.

    TrinusVR uses either wifi or USB tethering to stream content. With either compression settings or the right tweaks on your computer you can get a very playable stream on most phones.

    TrinusVR has its own open source head tracking protocol that could be introduced into VorpX. It also can output in OpenTrack and TrackIR protocols as well (without the need for downloading either program). Therefore, if you only implemented TrackIR *input* you would end up supporting almost every head tracker currently on the market.

    TrinusVR has pretty excellent CUSTOMIZABLE lens correction built into it. It takes SBS formatted images (un distorted) and applies a number shaders from barrel distortion, position, angle, zoom, chromatic distortion. This way you can set your own lens correction for any HMD. Already done by someone else!

    I’ll point out here that I’m not at all affiliated with Trinus, I’ve simply been a big fan of VR since the late 80’S(!) and have been waiting WAY too long for some VR done right and affordable.

    I hope there is a way, or will be soon, for us non Rifters to begin supporting VorpX as the ‘de facto’ source for all 3D stereo and VR needs. If you permit ONLY THE DISPLAY and rendering options and I would happily invest in seeing where your project goes! Cheers! Sean


    Add me to the list :/ I couldnt find an answer to this question, and there’s no trial, so now I’m out $40.

    I would be happy with simply enabling it to open without detecting an occulus, and displaying it on the main monitor. Trinus can handle the rest instead of you having to implement it. As long as something is on the screen Trinus can display it.

    Gonna have to try and get a refund I guess :/

    With competing products (TriDef) allowing exactly this ability, you may do well to clearly state that this will NOT work at all without an Occulus, not even just for simple side by side.


    I haven’t purchased VorpX yet, but if it just supported Opentrack I would buy it in a heartbeat. It looks like it has great support, but I don’t have an Oculus. I’m using Vireio Perception right now because it DOES support Opentrack data, but it doesn’t support DX11 and I would really like to play Fallout 4 in VR.

    (I should note: I don’t need streaming or anything else, besides displaying the game in SBS 3D on my screen, and accepting Opentrack input. Everything else is handled by Gagagu for iPhone, which is essentially the same thing as Trinius for Android)

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