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    I am playing and streaming Star Citizen in VR, has been working well.

    My question is with all the warning windows that pop up the press E button, then press Ctrl Alt Shift to make all the warnings go away.

    Is there a way to basically be like, “I know it is, stop showing it every time” like a 15 day cool down or something?

    VorpX has been running awesome, but Star Citizen sometimes needs to be restarted, and game capture shows those warnings plastered front and center as the game starts up, locks out of any control, because if I have the headset on I cant see one warning, if I dont have the headset, nothing works because the other is locking it out, and people keep asking if VorpX is worth getting if they keep showing the warnings all the time that I cant see.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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