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    I just bought vorpx and am trying to run RE7 especially, and other games.
    I launch, it starts to launch and it comes back to steam or origin.
    I think I have configured the software correctly but nothing happens.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    I have a WMR headset.
    It upsets me to have paid 40 € for nothing …
    What happens ?
    I can’t launch any game with this fu**ing prog.
    I think I lost my money…


    Jeeze man, take it easy. Its not the end of the world.
    Check out the tech support forum. It works fine, you’re just doing something wrong in the process.
    Start your WMR, start vorpX, and then run the game. You should see vorpX logo while the game is loading.
    You need to provide more info as to what is happening. All your games crash? If not, then what.
    Which games crash? Etc. etc. Follow the help to see if you’re doing it all right.


    I think I’m just doing it right:
    – starting my WMR
    – launching vorpX
    – launching my game (for exemple RE7)
    Nothing happens, it says that my games are not ready for VR.
    It’s the same behavior for any game I launch.
    I have the splash screen in the headset meaning that I launched a game in my WMR then going directly to steam VR desktop.
    Any help ?
    Sorry for my poor english, I’m not very fluent.
    Cheers !


    Sounds as if vorpX isn’t running at all. The SteamVR theater should normally not show up when vorpX is active. Might also be worth a shot to disable the SteamVR theater in the Steam options, just in case vorpX can’t disable it on your machine for some reason.

    Also please make sure that you didn’t accidentally just started the vorpX config app instead of the actual vorpX app. Use the “Start vorpX” shortcut on your desktop. You should see an icon in your system tray if vorpX is actually running.

    Also make sure that vorpX is set to SteamVR for WMR headsets. You can check that on the ‘General’ page in the config app.

    Last but not least: if you haven’t done so already, please check the pinned trouble shooting guide, which covers typical issues like conflicts with other programs.


    I did all what you said but systematicaly I am redirected to steam vr desktop.
    I did all the settings good (WMR etc) I think.
    How to disable steamVR theatre in the options ?
    I checked the pinned troubleshouting guide but nothing usefull…


    OK nothing works, I let loose….
    40€ for nothing I’m hangry !


    Are you sure that you really disabled the Steam VR Theater? Once you did that in Steam it definitely should not kick in anymore.

    Anyway. Please try to launch a few games while vorpX is running and afterwards create a trouble shoot data archive in the vorpX config app (trouble shooting page). Send this archive to support at vorpx com. I’d like to take look at that, just in case you overlooked something in regard to conflicting programs.

    Since that’s the most likely issue: if you happen to use any other AV program than Windows Defender, first and foremost try to uninstall that. ‘Nothing works’ fairly often translates to ‘annoying third party AV blocks hooking’.


    Thx for the reply.
    How can I disable steam VR theater ?
    I don’t find any option in steam.
    I also disabled my AV (avira and malwarebytes) but it did nothing more.


    Please try to uninstall both your AV programs for testing. Some AV programs make it purposefully difficult for their users to disable them. There is no risk involved in doing so. Windows 10 comes with a built in AV solution that will kick in automatically when you remove invasive (and unnecessary) third party AV programs.

    Steam Vr theater: there should be a global option in the “In Game” section of the Steam options, you can also disable it for games individually on their properties page. None of that should be necessary though normally.

    If none of the above helps, please create the trouble shoot data archive after launching a few games like suggested above and send it to support at vorpx com.


    I uninstalled both avira AV and malwarebytes, I will test that what you suggesteted.
    I will keep you in touch ;o)


    No matter what I can do, I’m always redirected to steam home VR….


    I can’t really say anything else than above without more specific information.

    Please try to launch a few games while vorpX is running and afterwards create a trouble shoot data archive in the vorpX config app (trouble shooting page). Send this archive to support at vorpx com.


    seems to be OK when I run it as administrator.
    But the controls don’t function too good in RE7.
    I’ll test more games to see if that ok.

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