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    Jim Dogma

    Hi, I just purchased vorpX last night and I can’t seem to get anything to work. Specifically, I was able to get the program installed, entered the key code, and the three icons showed up on my desktop, one to start vorpX, one to configure, and one for the desktop viewer. I was able to start vorpX, I was able to adjust the configurations, but that was about it. When I clicked on desktop viewer, all I got was a blank screen. Well, specifically, the left eye in my HMD was completely blank and the right eye had a, get this, frozen image of what appeared to be a blank (maybe) virtual desktop in a room with a brown wall behind it and a window off to the far left with white window blinds. The image was frozen as I moved my head. I know this sounds weird but I’m not making it up. I tried using all the various HMD settings, steamVR, WMR, etc. to no avail. Always the same result.

    I purchased vorpX mainly as a replacement for the now-defunct Tri-def VR application because I mostly want to use it to watch 3D movies/vids and 2d to 3d conversion. However, running movies in VLC or MPC-HC did absolutely nothing other than just play them normally on my laptop screen, the HMD still just showed that frozen black screen.

    In any case, this is a bit distressful. Please help. Thanks.


    vorpX can only display apps/games in the headset that run on the same GPU that the headset is connected to. On a gaming laptop the Windows desktop usually runs on the slower GPU built into the CPU, so to get the desktop viewer working on a gaming laptop you would have to entirely disable the internal GPU if possible (e.g. in the BIOS).

    Most gaming laptops come with some tool that allows you to force applications to the dedicated GPU, which makes sense for less demanding games/apps that the system might run on the internal GPU normally. Won’t help with the desktop viewer, but can e.g. make sense if you intend to use vorpX with video players like VLC or MPC-HC.

    Apart from the above please also check for programs on your PC that may potentially interfere with vorpX. You can find more detailed information on that in the trouble shooting guide on top of this sub-forum.

    Jim Dogma

    In all due respect Ralf, I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I may just be a poor country boy, but I don’t know why I would have to go change my BIOS settings to maybe make this product work.

    I have probably the most generic gaming rig out there. It’s a Dell Inspiron, Intel I5 7th gen processor. Windows 10. Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. I have a Dell Visor with Windows Mixed Reality. Member of Steam VR with many games and apps, including virtual desktop and previously, as I mentioned, Tri-def VR. And I’ve had no problems. Everything has been pretty much plug and play.

    Just look at your previous post. This is like blaming the victim. I have arguably the most generic gaming rig on the planet. I can’t be the only one that can’t make vorpX work. Why are you asking me to do my own research when I spent $42 dollars to buy a working program? You should say on your homepage that if, for some happy coincidence, your computer knows how on its own to disable the on-board intel GPU, then you should reconsider purchasing this product.

    Why would someone have to anticipate this problem? It seems obvious that you should have a step by step solution to address this problem rather than to just hand wave it off as if it’s the buyers problem.

    So, I’m asking that you give me a step by step solution to get this product to work or to issue me a refund.


    As far as I understood your problem was the desktop viewer not working for you. That’s what my reply was about. You don’t need it to use vorpX with games. The desktop viewer is pretty much just a free add-on to vorpX.

    If you also have trouble with hooking into actual games, please first and foremost go through the trouble shooting guide on top of this sub-forum. Hooking issues almost always are conflicts with other programs that also hook into games. The guide above has more details on that.

    If after going through the guide you still have trouble with hooking into games, please try to launch one or two games, then create a trouble shoot data archive in the vorpX config app and send it to support at vorpx com.

    Jim Dogma

    Hi Ralf, thanks for the help. Here’s the update. 1) I started out by switching the preferred graphics processor setting in the Nvidia control panel to the “high performance” GTX processor since it was on “auto.” I thought that might do the trick but it didn’t. 2) The second thing I did was try to disable the intel GPU in the BIOS but it didn’t give an option to do so. So 3), I did some research online and found out that you can disable the Intel GPU from “Device manager,” which I did and lo and behold that worked. Only the Nvidia card GPU showed up in the Task Manager.

    Unfortunately, disabling the Intel GPU didn’t fix the main problem which is that all I see through my HMD is a big, frozen black rectangle. This is the case for all the applications. It happens identically for games, the MPC-HC, VLC, and the Desktop Viewer. The good news, I suppose, is that it does look as though vorpX is “hooking” (if that’s what they call it) into these apps. That is, on each of those apps, a display box comes up that says, “Attaching to VLC” etc. and then you see the vorpX logo on the screen and the info box in the upper left. So, I’m guessing it’s doing it’s job in the app, it’s just not making it to the HMD. Which is curious because every other VR app and game I have works just fine.

    In any case, I will send the troubleshooting report to the support link. Please let me know what you find.

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