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    I tried Skyrim and now Fallout new vegas, both give me 30 fps, used the optimizations like setting and saved them, like z-normal instead geometry, crystal image to low, 800×600, low graphic quality, with 30 fps is unplayable i played skyrim for 5 min and i had nausea for some hours

    I have a 6600k oc to 4.4k cause i tried to oc to see if that solved the problem, and a sapphire r9 390 nitro with latest drivers

    Also the player with vlc doesnt work for 3d movies, just shows a guy sit down and the movie is totally wrong displayed.

    So far vorpx has no use at all, sent an email to creator but no response

    And i expected to play games not sit down but with controllers, it just is told when you use it not in webpage

    If creator read this : i am really dissapointed with this product and i want a refund or solution for at lest the problems with game so that they are playable with normal fps


    If these games (especially Fallout 3) run at 30fps using Z3D something is not right. Please try a fresh install for both games without any mods.

    In regard to VLC please make sure to apply the Game Optimizer settings in the vorpX config app. If that does not solve your problem, try MPC-HC (, which contains a few lines of extra code for vorpX to make both programs work together.

    For 3D movies you can change the “Content Type” setting on the image page of the ingame menu. vorpX supports side by side and over/under 3d movies.


    I did a Skyrim fresh install, and i still have 30fps, i never used mods with Skyrim. I tried a new game that never played before, Thief, and same results, around 30fps.


    I tried Alien isolation, showed just for a glimpse 40fps and nothing else, tried to restart it three times but nothing is shown in htc vive, in monitor is just a black screen which blocks anything, even with ctrl+alt+supr i cannot stop any process, the only way is closing session or restarting windows.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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