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    Reshade for Skyrim VR: It makes clearer the visual

    You must only pur It into main folder…It works with other VR games

    Can vorpx use It?


    Vorpx can use it but only for g3d games, reshade kills z3d since its a post effect too.


    thanks for the heads up, i will use it with my skyrim VR.


    Please do not use the VR version of Reshade with vorpX if you care about performance. It gets applied at the headset render stage at the full headset rendertarget resolution and headset framerate, which is very costly. If you ask me, I’d say actually don’t use it with any VR app/game.

    Applying a reshade shader chain to VR is in the ballpark of 6-12 times (depending on headset and supersampling) more costly pixel shader wise than doing the same to mono 1080p/60fps gaming. Two images per frame at a higher resolution and a higher framerate. Wasting a GPU’s pixel shader throughput in such a way is a fairly questionable idea in VR in general and an outright bad one with vorpX in particular.

    Really important things like sharpening and gamma correction can be applied directly in the vorpX menu in an optimized fashion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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