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    Anyone else noticed an increase in driver crashes? Never used to happen until,the latest VorpX update for me.

    Getting them with mass effect andromeda g3d especially.

    Happened with the last and current Nvidia drivers.

    I have a water cooled 1080ti


    vorpX may stress your GPU more that playing without vorpX. If you happen to have your GPU overclocked, please disable any overclocking, water cooled or not.


    I have been using VorpX without any issues for at least 1 year. GPU boost was never a problem before

    GPU boost will automatically boost to an overclock – are you saying to downclock the card?

    I have tested with Furmark and Kombuster. Kombuster in particular alternates between hitting max boost due to voltage limit and no load conditions and does not find any artifacts and the driver does not crash – Load is at 100% with the same boost clock as Vorpx achieves.

    However driver crash with Vorpx at around 90% load with Mass Effect Andromeda.

    I will downclock to play.. but I used to play Mass Effect Andromeda in Vorpx using G3D before the Vorpx update and there was no problem..

    PS the driver crash (which freezes the computer) happens reliably when switching from G3d to Z3d in game. Sometimes, it just crashes after a certain amount of time (unpredicatable)

    Windows 10 1809 Nvidia driver 430.86 (latest) also happened with previous driver 425.31


    I’ve had some crashing these past 2 months as well (mainly with SWBF2, BFV, and ACOdyssey) though I’m hesitant to single out vorpX, since around the same time of the update I installed a new graphics card, new drivers, and new Pimax8k. Not to mention the games themselves have been patched often.

    One oddity I want to point out in case it’s of any use to vorpX, is how I’ve noticed both the Frostbite games will inevitably freeze crash my headset (but not hardlock PC), to the point that only a full system reboot will remove the freeze-frame from the hmd. Rebooting only the hmd will not resolve it.

    This can happen in 1 minute from launch, or in 20 minutes. It’s happened in both G3D and Z3D.

    Not sure why this is happening, but it didn’t used to. No other games seem to have this freeze-frame problem for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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