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    Everything was perfect, I was very happy to see that Oblivion recently, you can use a pre-set resolution 1440p in Vorpx menu, the interface and dialogs are resized, and after scaner, you set up FOV automatically, and the camera is not so close to initiating dialogs .

    Then today, when I start a definitive game to play the title completely,
    I opened the screen to save game, and surprise … Oblivion always gives error when opening this screen and when accepting it is game closes completely.

    I went back in to check this, and by repeating the operation, always gives this error and out of the game. It is impossible to save manually.

    What can I do? Any solution? :(


    Remove any OBSE related data in the game’s save game folder ([Documents]\My Games\Oblivion\Saves). If the problem persists, don’t use OBSE or any mods that rely on it.

    This is not a vorpX issue.


    It is a new totally clean installation of mod, I have not used any type of mod, I have not even made the preparation with OBSE.

    I have also manually reviewed the main installation directory, it still does not contain anything, totally vanilla at the moment. Steam Cloud is also deactivated.

    I will proceed to completely reinstall Oblivion, restore including the Oblivion.iniVorpxbak removal, and completely remove the folders hosted in documents / My Games / Oblivion and AppData but as I say it is clean.

    I update shortly if this corrected the problem or not.


    Update: Nothing, Oblivion continues to have this error and CTD.

    I have observed the following when starting new game:
    Oblivion made an automatic save with success at the beginning, just before the emperor appears during the prologue, then asks to make a manual save the first time, but the second time, this error is already produced, the typical Oculus circle appears, and you get game lock and error on the monitor screen.


    Hi,Ralf please, or some user if possible…
    Could you try TES Oblivion on your computer with Vorpx and Oculus CV1 to check if this blocking error when saving a game also occurs on your computers or not and confirm it in this thread?

    I have not got a solution for the moment, and I would like to rule out if it comes from my computer, I do not know what else I can do.


    The game profile received several updates/enhancements in the last two vorpX versions, so you can be certain that it works fine here, it’s also used by others on a regular basis.

    Remove all saved games as suggested above and make sure that Steam doesn’t copy them back by disabling cloud sync. Also delete any .ini file you may have as leftovers from previous installs.

    Your issue is not a vorpX issue.


    Hi Ralph
    It seems that I have finally discovered the problem with TES Oblivion.

    If I write a 16:9 resolution customized by me manually inside the configuration file, I do not suffer the problem of locks or CTD.
    When open saved screen interface and move the mouse, it does not lock and I can save once or several times without problems.

    However with the default resolutions copied from the web, which I entered in Nvidia panel some time ago, to work with Vorpx, the sutuation is different.
    Even if I switch between 1280p or 1440p inside the vorpx menu and restart game,this problem occurs to me.

    The problem with my current solution is that a resolution of 16:9 res, such as 1920×1080, does not allow the rescaling of the interface and dialogs by default, which is perfect if the other resolutions are more square.

    Perhaps the problem here,is only in incompatibility with certain resolutions that produce this error.

    What resolution exactly do you use for Vorpx and TES Oblivion with Oculus CV1 to allow interface rescaling?

    With only discover a resolution that does not cause crashes while moving mouse in the save screen, but allows the interface and dialogue rescaling,is enough, so it would be completely solved.

    What resolution do you use?


    The resolutions that vorpX sets work just fine here. Maybe it’s something system specific.

    I’ll change the game’s Direct VR behavior to be more conservative for the next vorpX version so that it will only use common aspect ratios like 5:4/4:3 instead of calculating the aspect ratio freely. Shouldn’t be necessary for the game but just in case.


    mmm…If the “square”(aspect modes) resolutions predefined for Vorpx work correctly with you and TES Oblivion, then it is totally clear that there is something unusual in my system.

    I can only think of one last thing to try …
    I have connected these days my PC, to a passive LG TV with HDR,3D and resolution native 4k, but it is important to mention that I have installed a fully modified EDID in my system,to work with stereoscopic features of Nvidia 3D Vision while maintaining some resolutions 4k and also 60hz.

    I’m thinking that maybe I can be suffering a possible conflict with this EDID and Vorpx with Oblivion, we should rule this out as well. I can not think of anything else at this time.

    The rest of my system is Windows 10 Home Fall Creator Update, I7 6700k, 16GB ram 3,200, nvidia GTX 1080 with latest drivers 391.35, but I do not think that in this last point have anything unusual.

    I will try to prove the above (uninstall modified Edid)and cross my fingers, in the worst case … it only occurs to me to format PC and reinstall windows.


    Try a 5:4/4:3 resolution first before you reinstall Windows. That’s quite close to what vorpX sets automatically and should definitely work fine since those are common aspect ratios that the game definitely fully supports.


    i have a problem with oblivion: the menu, the text, is out of scale,
    I can not click on the text and the menu correctly, also the on-screen dialogs do not appear

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