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    Oblivion is generally running fine. I’m using the Steam VR beta drivers which have the motion smoothing. GPU is a GTX 1080 and CPU is a 6700k.

    Oblivion generally runs well since it’s an old game. But whenever my character tries to block, there’s frame drops that are particularly noticeable when turning the head.

    Any idea why there is such a performance drop when blocking with your character’s hands especially for such an old game? It feels like generally Oblivion seems to struggle more and has more uneven performance (and thus needs Fluid Sync enabled) than newer more graphically advanced looking games like Rocket League which runs at 60fps consistently, though of course the game world is smaller.


    Probably depends on how many mods you have installed and whether you are using ini tweaks to enhance visual quality (e.g. a higher uGridsToLoad value). A vanilla Oblivion pretty much should run at 90fps at all times, but it’s not overly difficult to make the game CPU bound with mods and ini tweaks, in which case even the fastest graphics card doesn’t change anything.

    Not sure about the blocking issue. Oblivion is one of the games I played myself a fair bit. Don’t recall anything like that, but I’ll check it.

    BTW: You can make it look fantastic (well, as far as a game that old can look fantastic) by forcing antialiasing in your graphics driver control panel. That way you can use AA and HDR rendering together, which the game normally does not allow.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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