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    I am interested in going back to give Oblivion(Steam) a shot with mods soon (in the next update for Vorpx).
    I would like to ask, if new update for Vorpx contains some new automated improvements by scaner or memory, to calculate FOV, camera distance during dialogs, some type scaled interface or HUD e.t.c.

    I remember that in the past, I managed to improve FOV and replace HUD with the help of some mod, however … camera distance during dialogs could only be “modified” with oblivion reloaded mod, and this broke my hands model for another totally different and some small details that did not leave me very satisfied.

    Any advice with this? Any good news?


    I’m playing Oblivion with Vorpx right now and haven’t been able to solve all of these issues.
    I honestly don’t understand why the Oblivion Reloaded devs insist on keeping it all in one mod. If the mod had been 10 or more mods I’d endorse at least 5 of them :(

    Well, here are my recommended VR mods.
    1. FOV modifier – To make the FOV consistent and not change every 2 minutes. You’ll only need to set it up once.
    2. Dot Crosshair – Smaller crosshair
    3. Darns UI – Smaller UI and Crosshair
    3. Loot Menu – adds a FO4 style quick loot system, which is good for avoiding menus. You need to tweak it in the .ini that comes with the mod. I think you can tweak it while the game is loaded as long as you reload a save every time you’ve changed and saved the .ini.
    4. Menu and camera toggler – To turn of UI with a button press.
    5. Enhanced Camera – To add a body in first person.


    There are several improvements for Oblivion in the next vorpX release. Off the top of my head, probably missing something:

    1. Tree shadows are fully correct now.
    2. Fire/torches rendered at correct depth now.
    3. Mouse wheel block: no unwanted changes to 3rd person which messed up FOV.
    4. Some ini tweaks: e.g. dialog camera doesn’t zoom in ultra close anymore.
    5. HUD/menu scaling added.
    6. Custom resolution auto-set by the new game settings optimizer.

    The one remaining nuisance is that the FOV gets reset after talking to an NPC. IIRC ihat can be addressed with an FOV mod, otherwise a simple ALT-V key press after a dialog restores the vorpX-FOV, which isn’t too annyoing.


    Thank you both for comment.


    I agree.
    Regarding the recommendation of these mods, I think I use them almost all, except the second and third, which I have to add them yet.
    Loot Menu is very useful by the way, this is a great help with headset and Vorpx.
    Very good observation, thank you.

    Fantastic, good job here, this improves and facilitates several things.
    I think then, that there is only one important thing left to solve, the position of the dialogue box, since the lines of dialogue are located by default, starting very on the right side and can be a problem with the use of headset.
    Meanwhile, I could use (edge peek).

    If we manage to fix this in some way, the game will remain comfortably playable.


    The conversation UI is scaled together with the HUD, so EdgePeek isn’t strictly necessary anymore when talking to NPCs. I would still recommend that since it is more comfortable.


    Sounds like Christmas will come early this year. Seeing both Oblivion and WoW support improved is more than I had hoped for.


    It’s very good news, of course.

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