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    Just bought yesterday vorpx, and try it on Skyrim (i have a fps problem (i have a good computer configuration) that i need to check, but can run it) and oblivion.

    On oblivion, i have 2 problems i can’t resolve :

    * My character is walking and running in slow motion. the NPC walk normally, but not my character. Don’t know what is wrong with it ?
    * Second problem i have, but more related to console accessibility, is i would like to change the FOB by using ~ as mentionned in documentation.
    But the console does not open (i am on a french keyboard and to bind the key ~, i have to do altGr on number 2 following by space, don’t know if the problem comes from here ?). So i open settings with delete key (ok i open it). i have an option FOV Alt – V, but i can’t modify it : when i click in the field and input for instance fov 120, or directly 120, nothing is wrote. I try alt v, but same, no field with something i can input Inside.

    if someone can help ?

    By the way if someone has good optimisations settings for oblivion !

    Thanks a lot !


    For the slow walk try to hit caps-lock. Sometimes Vorpx reverses the controller, so a fix is to select reverse run-walk in controller settings of the ingame Vorpx-menu. For the console try to hit every single button of you keyboard or do a google search in french for the console in oblivion. This is probably not the right forum to answer such a question.


    Hello Tiggerdyret

    Thanks for your answer. i will try it in the settings menu to reverse run-walk.

    I have another question i saw in some posts : when you talk to NPC the FOV
    go to 75 and you need to put it again to 120. I saw that there is a mod which can solve that. But do you need to download the mod or is it someting fixed in vorpx ?



    Vorpx has it’s own field of view. But it is often better to use mods for these things as vorpx can create issues in some games. Try this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20377/?. another mod called OBSE for it to work. http://obse.silverlock.org/
    Readt the manual carefully to isntall correctly.


    I had problems with getting OBSE to work with VORPX in the past. I just alt+v after talking to each npc.
    I am going to try to reinstall Oblivion and mess with it a bit if I can find my install CD (before the glory days of steam)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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