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    Observer (G3D)

    I created this profile based on Conarium a Unreal 4 game. Works pretty good in G3D considering the unique graphic style. Disabled 1/2 dozen shaders ranging from lighting, shadows and blood splatter. Profile set to immersive mode.


    – Recommend a few ini tweaks such as FOV, Anisotropic filtering (AF), High Frame Rate, Chromatic Aberration and Depth of Field. Instructions here

    In Game Graphic Settings

    AA – TXAA or FXAA
    Shadow Quality – High
    Texture Quality – High
    Resolution Scalability – Uber
    Lens Flare – High
    Motionblur – Off
    SSAO – Off
    SSR – High
    SSS Quality – High
    Separate Translucency – Off

    Use highest resolution you can without killing performance. Just watch for a small cursor on higher resolutions which is used for interacting with dialog trees and some objects. Re-configure key bindings with commands that do not conflict with Vorpx.

    Profile uploaded to the cloud.


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