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    Observer (G3D)

    I created this profile based on Conarium a Unreal 4 game. Works pretty good in G3D considering the unique graphic style. Disabled 1/2 dozen shaders ranging from lighting, shadows and blood splatter. Profile set to immersive mode.


    – Recommend a few ini tweaks such as FOV, Anisotropic filtering (AF), High Frame Rate, Chromatic Aberration and Depth of Field. Instructions here

    In Game Graphic Settings

    AA – TXAA or FXAA
    Shadow Quality – High
    Texture Quality – High
    Resolution Scalability – Uber
    Lens Flare – High
    Motionblur – Off
    SSAO – Off
    SSR – High
    SSS Quality – High
    Separate Translucency – Off

    Use highest resolution you can without killing performance. Just watch for a small cursor on higher resolutions which is used for interacting with dialog trees and some objects. Re-configure key bindings with commands that do not conflict with Vorpx.

    Profile uploaded to the cloud.



    Hi, I really like the game Observer. Really like it in 3D, adds a whole ‘nother dimension. haha. I took some time to tailor your profile for the game for something that fits WMR sets, specifically the Odyssey+. I named it ‘Observed’ in case anybody wants to find it and try it out. I messed with the settings until the camera perspective felt right and tried to remove the binocular vision effect that happens. I wish there was a setting to enable a headset tracking deadzone parameter, like a thumbstick’s, so there would be less jutter in games. I know there is one setting that helps, but it’s not enough to negate the vertigo from camera-shake.


    Alright, I’ve since realized uploads are meant for builds to get the game running, not for specific settings. I’ll try to delete what I’ve uploaded. Also have found the thumbstick deadzone emulation setting. Read it several times thinking it was to change the actual thumbstick deadzones, not emulate it in the headset tracking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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