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    Hey everyone just a kind of generalized question about game support.

    I just recently got my oculus and have spent the weekend fiddling with settings and learning a lot.
    I’m wondering though, in looking up a lot of tips for getting certaim games to run I’m coming to the realization that dk2 seems far more supported than cv1. Obviously this makes sense as its been available for much longer. I guess I am just kind of surprised that the next iteration of the oculus hardware seems to have “broke” much of the earlier models compatability, whereas, you would think that moving forward the hardware would retain capabilities of it’s previous model.

    I guess my question is, is there any way to solve these instances of compatability on my end? Or is this something that vorpx will just have to deal with in further updates?

    And is current work being focused mainly on dk2 compatibility or are efforts now being focused more toward cv1 as the standard model going forward?


    There isn’t really any difference between DK2 and CV1 if you compare them using the same vorpX versions. What happened in the past is that Oculus removed the “extended mode” from their drivers, which made the headset act as a monitor. This shift happened while the DK2 was available. Prior to that vorpX could render games as if they were shown on a second monitor, which was quite a bit easier technically but also had many disadvantages in regard to usability.

    All things considered in the end more was gained than was lost. On the negative side there mostly is a 10-20% loss in raw performance compared to extended mode due to a now more complex rendering pipeline. On the plus side you get features like async timewarp that pretty much makes up for the performance loss, the ability to run games at any resolution, and an overall better usablility due to not having to deal with the sometimes cumbersome two monitor setup.


    Thanks a lot for the explanation, this sort of connects the dots that I’ve been beginning to see since I dove into this entire VR endeavor!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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