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    Hi I’m building a new super computer and will mostly be using Vorpx to play Skyrim. I read something about changing the FOV for the rift to 120 and the vive to 110 because the vive has higher pixel density, but is there any real difference between the two picture wise after making that adjustment? Is the higher pixel density better? Maybe a minor difference?

    Doesn’t the rift have a taller aspect ratio? Does that matter with Vorpx?

    Thanks so much to however helps me answer these questions. I’ll be buying one later today.


    I’d recommend Oculus over Vive because of Oculus’ asynchronous spacewarp feature, which makes it possible to play games at 45 fps without getting motionsick. Right now Oculus seems to be the best buy bacuase it also has better controllers than Vive, but things are moving fast in the VR world and in a few months things might look different.


    I’m playing throught Skyrim in Vorpx and enjoying it alot – here are some optimization tips:

    – Once Vorpx strips the unsupported elements from the special editions it doesn’t look much different than original Skyrim – I recommended playing the original for a slight speed boost.
    – Use the vorpx configure tool to set the resolution to 1280×1024 – you can then use the in-skyrim vorpx menu to boost up the ‘internal resolution’ (original skyrim only) without using a ‘wasteful’ widescreen setting. I don’t go much past 1.2 as it starts to look too ‘gamey’ :)
    – you don’t really need antialiasing pass 2…or maybe 1?
    – The detail falloff menu in skyrim is your friend – I’ve gotten nice fps gains by turning object detail fade on and adjusting the lod setting down.
    My settings:

    Keep in mind bethesda games run a little slower in vr than you might expect but it’s still pretty incredibly immersive.


    Thanks a lot for the feedback guys! And thanks for the advice, there’s some stuff I didn’t know. Really appreciate it.

    An edge up was what I was looking for, so I’ll go with the Rift. I like the controllers a lot more too (even if I can’t fully use them in skyrim).

    I’ll try both original Skyrim and SSE. My processor will be the 6950x and I’m expecting better CPU performance from SSE. I have a pretty good idea what FPS I should be getting as I’ve actually been reading these forums extensively. Although I’m interested to see how well my 3200mhz 14cl ram will change things up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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