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    I’m trying to debate whether to pick up an Oculus Quest to use with Vorpx.

    Can anyone that has experience with both Rift S and a Quest let me know which one they prefer?
    I don’t play any made for VR games only Vorpx.


    My recommendation would be to go with a Rift S for pure vorpX/PC usage. The only advantage of the Quest for PC VR would be its better contrast (blacker black) due to OLED vs LCD in Rift S. On the other hand the Rift’s LCD is sharper (real RGB subpixels vs. ‘pentile’) and you get less latency since there is no additional image compression/decompression step involved like with Quest when you connect it to a PC. Also Quest is heavier due to the additional hardware and battery, making Rift more comfortable to wear, especially in longer sessions.

    In a nutshell: Quest is great if wireless matters to you, but if you want to do wired PC VR/vorpX only, the Rift-S is clearly the better choice in my opinion.


    I use both with VorpX. I like the wireless aspect when using the Quest (I use Virtual Desktop to stream to Quest). Not all but most games work fine with this setup. I also use the Rift-S on occasion as it works very well in almost all games that work with VorpX. Hell I also use a Valve index, but I really hate the controllers with the Index, but love the comfort of the Valve Index. Good luck with your choice, its very hard.


    Thanks for the replies, I’ll probably wait for the quest 2 announcement. I’m hoping they will use a LCD screen, because I like how sharp the Rift S is.


    Ended up pre-ordering the HP Reverb G2 instead :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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