Oculus Rift consumer version announced.

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    Will Vorpx be bug free and ready for the release of the oculus rift?


    I’ll settle for a day 1 release in a similar shape as it is now, I can imagine that it will depend on the state of a cv1 sdk though.


    As Oculus is in such an early stage still and will be for a few more years, I doubt you would be able to have a bug free release of anything when the hardware and sdk’s keeping changing so much.
    I’m just happy we have someone actually giving support atm


    A developer who would publically announce a product to be “bug free” at a specific time in the future would be a hot cacdidate for the title “Fool of the Century”. :)

    That being said, CV1 support will be made available as soon as possible. With some luck it won’t require huge changes except for adjustements of the optical paramenters to accommodate for the different lenses. After all the DK2 was meant to develop for CV1.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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