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    Well met
    Not angry, I understand this is beta, just want to get this to work at some point.
    I have a new computer I built for myself:
    i7-7700k unlocked running @ 4.8ghz
    EVGA NVidia gtx 1080 (x2 but SLI is turned off until I get vorpX to work)
    32GB Ram
    500GB SSD + some other hdds
    Windows 10

    I cannot get vorpx to stay actively running. It starts, but closes immediately. I have tried getting it to start by running games, both in steam and by the exe, without success.

    I have created an exception in my anti-virus (Bit Defender) for vorpx and the games I have been testing (NMS and Skyrim SE). I have turned off overlays, uninstalled GeForce Experience. I have used task manager to manually close any program that is unnecessary or conflicting (ie Skype).

    At this point I am at a loss. I built this computer a few days ago and there is not much on there at the moment. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The only “overlay” programs that are running are the Oculus programs and the Steam VR program, but I would assume that they are necessary for my headset to work.

    Thank you


    The issue almost certainly is Bit Defender. Excluding the vorpX program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Animation Labs\vorpX) should work normally, but if it doesn’t, try to uninstall Bit Defender for testing purposes to check whether it’s the culprit. Some scanners don’t really allow their users to fully disable them despite telling the opposite.

    In general I would recommend to switch to Windows Defender. It’s quite good these days while being far less invasive than some other scanners that take a more aggressive approach.

    BTW: The original DX9 Skyrim is the better choice for vorpX unless you use a huge of huge amount of mods and/or hi-res textures that require the additional memory being available because of the SE’s 64bit .exe.


    yes bit defender is the culprit, i had to uninstall it in order to use vorpx, even when i exclude from analyze all exe files/directories from vorpx in bidefender i still cant have vorpx working.

    now i use another antirivus and i have no problem.

    my conclusion is, bitdefender cost a arm and sucks big time !


    Ah yes. Indeed BitDefender was the culprit. I did leave them a comment to fix their compatibility and I would reinstall their program. I do like their software, but I am a gamer and I have priorities. :)



    I just had this issue and after trying many things, I contacted bitdefender support, it looks that you need to whitelist vorpx from the advanced threat defense module.

    I did that and vorpx is running without issues with bitdefender running.

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