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    Hey ralf – Any chance of an update to this guide? I beleive a lot of settings have changed since this was made…. Would be helpful and allow Vorpx to continue being relevant even after Half Life Alex!


    What settings do you think have changed? Incidentally my last Pimax check has been about 10 days ago or so.

    Edit: I think the SteamVR resolution manual override is called differently now, I’ll look into that. Apart from that everything should still be set as described in the guide.


    As of PiTool version 1.1.258 I’ve been unable to continue using the vorpX motion smoothing functions. Figured I would post here in the Pimax thread as it is specific to Pimax. Regardless of the settings I use for a new “GPU Catalytic Function” I have ghosting and sync issues. Like many Pimax options, this function is largely undocumented, but it provides a slider which appears to offer some sort of a trade-off between GPU and CPU usage, or at the least reserves additional GPU overhead so that you can tune your system to avoid sudden valleys in performance in trade for a bit lower performance overall. This setting dramatically effects vorpX’s motion smoothing; with the slider set to 0 it *almost* works (but FPS suffers greatly), any setting above that, even 0.25, and problems compound quickly. The issue appears to me to be out-of-sync frames; where there are moments of extreme ghosting, or where it appears that I’m getting two very different frames, one in each eye. However, the Pimax version of smart smoothing (under “BrainWarp settings) does appear to work well now with vorpX, and I’ve successfully switched to it. The only problem with that method is that BrainWarp seems to aggressively try to get back to 90fps in many circumstances (more so through vorpX than native titles like Steam VR), which can cause the frame-rate to throb considerably. I ended up using Riva Statistics Tuner to limit FO3 to 46fps, so that BrainWarp gives up and stops trying to boost back to 90 and accepts 45fps (if you set Riva to 45fps you get some visual stuttering, but 46 works perfectly).

    At this point I’ve only tested FO3. I’ll try to find time to test FO4 or Life is Strange 2 this weekend.


    Yeah, same thing happens with other titles as well. I’ve reported it on the Pimax discussion thread for the 258 release of PiTool. From what I’m seeing people are overall NOT happy with 258. I’ll be clean-installing an older version in the next couple of days if they don’t push out a fix.


    Hello there! HP reverb Can it be used?

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