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    I am usually good at getting things running. I also build all my PCs so I know them in and out fairly well. But VR is a new thing and I am having problems. And I have read many posts on the same problem but I can not get things to work. Here is the deal. I got a DK2 on eBay. Just got it a few hours ago. I hunted around for drivers and runtimes, etc. If I run the new 1.3 Oculus app the HMD works and I can use their games and programs fine, however, Vorpx will not initialize any game. I can run the desktop but if I try and run Skyrim, or any other game I get the “vorpx could not initialize your oculus rift” error. All the YouTube tutorials made it seem so easy, and that was the whole reasoning behind me getting the Oculus, so I could VR my favorite games. Why am I having trouble? I do not use antivirus, I have an i74770K, and an Nvidia GTX970, MSI board, 16GB RAM, etc. Please help. . .Thanks for your time.


    1. Please check whether you have “Oculus Rift DK2” selected in the vorpX config app.

    2. Make sure that you use the right vorpX version for the runtime you have installed. If you use the latest Oculus Home software, you need the latest vorpX version, otherwise you will see exactly the error you see. Please reinstall vorpX using the web installer that you got when you purchased vorpX, just to be sure.

    3. If the integrated graphics of your CPU is active make sure to disable it either in the Windows device manager or better your motherboard’s BIOS (if you are compfortable doing that) to avoid potential issues that can occur if games use another graphics card than the headset.


    Thanks for the reply. . .I think I figured it out. First I disabled nearly all the background apps running. Got a DX9 conflict error. Then I removed the DX9 dll from the Skyrim folder and then the program was running through the HMD. Got the in game Vorpx menu open to tweak the settings and was off playing. I have to say, once the resolution gets better in the HMD, VR will be perfect. I was amazed at standing near the edge of a cliff and feeling the height of it. . . Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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