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    I just got this program, works great with a few games I’ve tried, but it won’t work for a lot of others that are supported like RE7, Halo MCC, and The Long Dark.

    I’ve tried turning off all antivirus programs, restarting each game, and turning on “Use Alternative hooking method” and “Run vorpx control as administrator” and still not attaching.

    I’ve also tried running a game that does attach then run another game and nothing.

    There has to be something I’m missing but most people’s problems stem from AV programs, which I disabled mine completely.

    Help please?


    I also just tried turning off Discord, turned off all overlays, still not working.


    More and more games on the list don’t work, even custom profiles, even just tried making a shortcut, didn’t work.



    what’s your antivirus ?

    for example even if you desactivate bitdefender, even if you add to bitdefender exclude list all vorpx related files, vorpx wont still work, you need to completely uninstall it.

    what’s your others softwares running when using vorpx ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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