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    Oozi Earth Adventure (2.5D)

    I came across this neat Jump n Run game this morning which is not 3D, but different layers of the game make it “2.5D” (like many adventures do) and it looks quite sweet in cinema mode. This game will not be listed in the Inofficial G3D list, but i think i will create a “2.5D” list for the future for all this type of games.

    – “2.5D” only
    – Profile available at the cloud

    This is a good exemple for many games in the cloud that are not really 3D. “Geometry” in the VorpX Users menu doesnt nessecarily mean the game renders fully in 3D., so it would be advisable to mark them with (2.5D) or similar.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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