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    Howdy VorpXers,

    Good news, Opentrack have got a DK2 compatible build in their dropbox:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but reports from look promising :)


    Got it working! I had to go the mapping properties and draw each axis to have two points, 1 from 0 at the bottom left and 1 at the max at the top right. As soon as you do that you will see the squid face actually moving in relation to the Dk2 when you hit start!


    This is seriously awesome – just did a test with Dirt 3 and GRID on my DK2. Dirt 3’s headtracking is a little bit jerky, and the rearview mirrors are not aligned in GRID, but those are minor issues as far as I’m concerned.

    Just a shame GRID is not a particularly great game…

    Otherwise, both superb VR experiences!


    sry but i dont know what u mean with “1 from 0 at the bottom left and 1 at the max at the top right”
    could u explain it a bit more?


    Activate Tracking, push the mapping button bottom left, then you have all axis. pitch, yaw, roll. I think best is to track how far you want it to go and then just click into the graph and pull it up at this position. Do that with each graph.
    Also you might set your center position, I set up straight with the Rift on, pushed Print, put the result into paint and took the values from the raw tracking data (window must be visible of course).


    thank u for the quick answer ;)
    got it working now :)
    i probably should read more in forums


    I was able to interpret it this far, but other than that I’m pretty new to DK2 and especially Track IR.

    Could somebody tell me how TrackIR works and why I would need it in addition to vorpX? As far as I understood it, the vorpx headtracking is “just” emulating mouse movements and I guess with TrackIR you should be able to move your head seperate to your mouse.
    So far so good, BUT: Does the game need to support TrackIR for it to work? Do you need to edit something to make them work? Is it possible with every game?


    i think it has to support track iR
    i use opentrack in arma 3 and it works… i had to activate it in the menu first…
    but the only problem is that i’m far to close to my weapon (hands) when opentrack is running.
    when i disable opentrack the view is normal and i can change it in the fov lines…
    i changend my fov to a max of 180 but im still to close to my weapon and have no idea how to fix that…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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