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    Do I need openxr to run oculus quest 2 on pc with vorpx??if yes then where can I download openxr???


    You can select your Headset in the vorp-config-tool, there are three options steamvr, oculus and (wmr) openxr, and with the Quest 2 choose oculus and start your oculus app before using vorpx, because the oculus app contains a openxr and the driver of your Quest 2.


    You must go in the oculus app on pc , on option , and select set oculus active.


    You can use Oculus API and OpenXR api (which are selected in vorpx tray menu), personally it feels like OpenXR runs better with quest 2 than oculus api.

    If oculus is only vr you have ever installed it will be default openxr application anyway so you just need to select it in vorpx, if not once you run oculus app on pc it will ask you to set openxr by default or like suggested find this setting in oculus app settings.

    You dont have to download anything additionally.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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