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    Now that the index has been out for a year, what are peoples thought on it for those that have owned it long term now?

    Do you feel its worth the upgrade from the original rift?
    Are you able to use that revive mod to still access occulus library and play those games on index?
    Does it seem to be pretty compatible with vorpx?(My concern is some of the old ass profiles that users made for games that arent technically supported were made with older headsets, so if thats true I feel like there may be a lot more tweaking using the index? or are the settings pretty similar between all the different vr headsets excluding the pimax?)

    Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Cheers


    i just got my index since one week so not long time user, but i’ve been using htc vive since april 2016 and for me the upgrade is worth it.

    from comfort to visual, it’s hugely improved in my case.

    and yeah it works great for vorpx, why wouldnt it ?
    you can use revive.

    i’m just worried about quality issues, i heard horrible stories on the internet of headset/controlers/base stations failing out of nowhere and that can happen at any time.


    I have a few different and multiple HMDS. I love how the Index looks (I mean how VR looks with the Index), love the comfort, BUT hate the controllers. Luckily I have not had any reliability with the Knuckle controllers, but really love how the Oculus Touch controller feel and work. Rift-S not as good as OG Rift Touch controllers, but very similar. Hope this helps. (I would update to the Rift-S from the OG Rift, I did that day 1, and only bought another for a different room setup a few months back. I actually use the Quest the most, and lots of Virtual Desktop over 5G in main play space, works great (Many comfort mods on Quest)
    See pic for my Main Rig setup and How I use Fishing poles to switch between HMD’s, I think really cool.
    My Main Rig Setup

    You will have to zoom in towards the bottom to see the HMD’s.


    The only thing i don’t like is the LCD screens, one of my base stations failed i just installed the replacement.


    I have access to the Rift-S, Pimax 8K+ and Index. My personal take is the Rift-S is the most frictionless experience, be it in terms of setup or *perceived* performance. The Index is close and is a more technically advanced bit of gear, but the steamvr eco-system is starting to show its seams. The motion smoothing solution for Oculus is far more accomplished than the SteamVR equivalent. Project Cars 2 / DCS World with its graphics options turned all the way down with no super sampling on the Index *feels* about the same as playing it on a Oculus with maxed settings and some super sampling despite the Rift-S having a lower refresh rate. The Oculus ASW implementation simply resolves motion and reduces artefacts far better than the SteamVR equivalent. There’s also other odd quirks to SteamVR… like performance tanking if you have another GPU in your system running secondary monitors (even if there’s no other apps or additional windows open/running in the background).

    That said, I found Vorpx works better with the Index and Pimax than Rift-S.

    The clarity/res/fov of the index is great and has vastly reduced SDE over the Rift-S but the Index has an occasional glare/bloom/halo issues.

    Oculus games work well under revive and is rather painless/frictionless. I was to understand Stormland was a resource hog or not optimised for non-Oculus HMDs but it worked fine for me with very little tweaking.

    All the headsets have pros/cons and, with the exception of cost, those pros/cons put them on a level playing field or at least it really comes down to personal preference. The limited FOV killed me, so I used the Pimax and was happy but the quirks of its software and colour reproduction haunted me so I went with the Index and was happy and then the handholding and ASW quirks of steamVR annoyed me so I went back the Rift-S, and then the cycle continued…

    I think 2021 and beyond will be exciting for HMDs, but if you’re more or less happy with what you have now, I don’t think switching to a currently available HMD is really going to be a game changer.


    Yes i forgot to mention the ASW in Steam isn’t great. I really don’t understand why after all this time it has not improved.


    Index is so much better than the Vive, The sound is an awesome idea and the comfort factor is so much better, and the screen door is not an issue.
    Only down for me is wearing glasses, I cannot get any comfort at all, where as the Vive was so easy to wear glasses.
    I love to play Elder scrolls online in G3D, It looks so f in good :)

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