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    Outcast – Second Contact (G3D)

    I am very proud about this fix because the game has been in my collection since it came out in 1999. Always dreamed about a proper fix for that ridiculous 320×200 resolution

    Now the REMAKE offers anything everyone ever since has has been waiting on with up to any resolution that your PC can take.

    Looking insanely good with VorpX !
    To get the most out of it follow profile instructions.

    – Very Important:
    — Game uses current monitor resolution
    — (switch monitor to custom resolution first)
    — 4:3 resolution recommended
    – Full VR with Headtracking
    – Cinema Mode on Default
    – Scalable HUD
    – Shadows are OFF on default (Vorpx menu)
    – Profile available at the cloud

    Personal Note: THIS fix definately should be worth a donation. Huge game in VR ! Get the remake for a good price here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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