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    Currently playing on a i7-8700, 16GB RAM. GTX1070Ti. Observations are as follows:
    – I did play the Steam version of the game on a monitor briefly before applying the VorpX profile. I am using the default VorpX profile .
    – In FullVR, I am getting inverted head tracking (if my head turns left, the image goes right, etc).
    – Attempting DirectVR Scanning results in a failure 99.9% of the time (1 time the DirectVR scan worked, but the game crashed with a few seconds).
    – I try to invert the X and Y axis tracking under the Helmet Tracking sub-menu, but it does not change anything.

    Now Immersive and Cinema Mode works just fine, but my biggest joy comes from the FullVR mode.
    Has anybody gotten the head tracking to work properly, and if so, could you please let me know how you did it?

    Thanks for listening.


    I don’t know if this your problem, but I know I could find this no where in the search results. You have to download the Outer Worlds profile off of the cloud in your vorpx config. This is mentioned nowhere even in search results, so don’t ask about it or we’ll piss of Ralph again D:

    After I downloaded that I had great 3D and DirectVR.


    Hi, just want to check what you said about the Outer Worlds profile (can be downloaded directly into vorpx config) is still working? Does the DirectVR work well for Outer Worlds? I am considering buying vorpx for this


    I just bought vorp myself, for this very reason, and unfortunately, no, it doesn’t seem to work.


    I also got frustrated with that game. Tried everything with no success. So it is still in my list of unplayed games. But recently I tried immersive screen. That works really well and you have still the 3D view. I guess I will play the game in that mode and it will be fun.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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