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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (G3D)

    This is an older favorite of mine. I was glad to get it working, though it needed a lot of forced FOV enhancement to feel right. Image culling around the periphery can definitely be seen, but it did not ruin my experience – as my attention was focused mostly on the action down the sights of my weapon.

    For some reason I could not get past the intro videos with steamVR, but oculus mode works fine. The current profile may only work for Rift.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (1600×900)

    *Adjustable HUD sliders in vorpX menu, or turn it all off in game settings

    Additional notes for Pacific Assault:

    *I discovered the 3D strength that looks good on foot is way too strong for intro scenes (riding boats) as in the opening missions like Pearl Harbor. Either disable 3D for those parts, or reduce 3D strength to 0.50 for boat scenes, then back to 2.90 on foot.

    *Adjusting HUD scale can produce unwanted graphical glitches, so I’ve updated the profile to address this. Best to instead turn HUD off in the game settings.

    *Use edgepeek in cutscenes to fix letterbox

    Not the ideal game experience for vorpX, but neat to try if you are simply nostalgic.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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