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    Getting path errors on a large number mber of games.

    Portal 2 for example…

    Any help appreciated.




    Portal 2: Do you use a non-default Steam setup (for example Portal 2 not installed in the Steam directory)? For Portal 2 the optimizer may rely on the game being in the default location (not 100% sure currently). So it may fail when you use a custom directory.

    If applying the optimizer settings fails for a game, you can usually apply the most important setting (FOV) manually. Googling FOV + game name in many cases brings up easy to follow tutorials.

    Just in case: Steam or not, for many games the optimizer can only work correctly for legit game versions.


    Yes my games are in proper default locations within steam.

    The only game on the list that I can get to optimise is Bioshock infinite.

    This works really well, but others that I have have path errors, all are legit steam games in proper default locations.

    Is there any plas to address this in future releases?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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