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    Reaver Shadow

    Hey all, So with Meta recently updating the Oculus Quest Desktop App (with improving AirLink) and SteamLink being released on Quest a few months ago, i was wondering what the general consensus of which method to use, to get the most stable connection and performance from VorpX (I need/prefer wireless, due to injury). There was a post from a while back that said it’s better to NOT use Virtual Desktop, but I’m wondering if that’s still the case (bad blood)?

    Furthermore, Virtual Desktop now has support for VDXR (an OpenXR Runtime) and wondering if anyone has had any luck getting it to run?


    I usually prefer VD for everything else, but for VorpX always used the native way – (Air)Link. The recent version seems more stable to me, but it could just be the new wireless with 6GHz that i have with Quest 3, so in my apartment i have zero interference from neighbors.

    If VorpX can run with VDXR, i’d like to hear about it, because with OpenXR i’ve had the best experience. And SteamLink, well, it’s not as competitive currently, but is very convenient, and i wonder if VorpX can utilize it.

    Reaver Shadow

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ll start with Quest AirLink, and if it’s not great, hopefully I have a USB3 type C somewhere (kind of annoying meta cheap’d out on that one). I’ll add some feed back in a few days.

    In terms of VD, yes, you can choose VDXR from the OpenXR runtime selection menu on the Streamer Program Desktop side. I did try once, and i wasn’t able to get it to work. would need to look into it more. It might require one of the dev to do recognize the other.


    Some new info for reference: I’m now playing AC: Origins in Immersive Screen mode with gamepad, and AirLink works great. I have almost zero hiccups and my settings are as follows:

    Oculus Debug Tool
    Codec: H.264
    Sliced Encoding: On
    Encode Resolution Width: 4032
    Encode Bitrate: 600 Mbps
    Link Sharpening: Quality

    Oculus Software
    Rendering Resolution: 4480×2400
    Refresh: 72Hz

    My hardware
    RTX 4080
    Win10 64-bit with 64GB RAM
    TP-Link AXE5400 @ 6GHz/2400Mbps (recommended by the Virtual Desktop community)

    AC: Origins
    Game Resolution: 3200x1800px
    GFX Settings: mostly “High”

    Reaver Shadow

    Can confirm, VDXR OpenXR Runtime in Virtual Desktop WORKS with VorpX [i.e. VorpX + Virtual Desktop(OpenXR aka VDXR)].

    BUT not without hiccups/issues ;(

    VorpX: v21.3.5
    Oculus Quest Desktop Software: Rendering Resolution 3712 x 1888 / 90Hz
    Virtual Desktop Streamer: v1.30.1 / VR Graphics Quality: Medium / 90Hz
    Headset: Meta Oculus Quest 2
    Game Resolution (The Witcher, Nexus Mods Collection: “best experience LOREPLAY”): 2560 x 1600 (16:10), ~55FPS (seems to be frame caped at 60, 1080p is same)

    – [PSA] Start VorpX after your streaming within Virtual Desktop, or VorpX tries to hook it (I know i can exclude it, but i’m lazy).
    – [Minor] I have Virtual Desktops Performance Overlay on by default. As soon as it click both sticks to turn off, I lose the mouse. Found no way to get back outside of quitting everything and running again. So disable Performance Overlay prior to starting game.
    – [Major] I’m not sure what to call it other then artifacts. I would have random, not sure if individual or groups, of pixels in my peripheral be sparkling/shimmer/be wrong colour briefly. At first i thought it was dead pixel, but this same behavior did not occur with AirLink, or was not apparent when running game in flat mode. ( I believe it was both the virtual screen and in the lounge.) Unfortunately, this was too distracting for me, and I when back to AirLink.

    Side Experience Notes
    – IMO the UI and User Experience of Virtual Desktop is levels beyond AirLink (The virtual keyboard alone in AirLink is just inconvenient/dumb).
    – In my testing play the witcher, VorpX + AirLink, the combo does NOT recover AT ALL from any type of disconnect, (WIFI related, PC/VorpX error, or the WORST simply removing the headset for a washroom break. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Where as Virtual Desktop recovered 3 out of 3 times.

    Side Technical Notes
    – Rendering Resolution != Game Resolution. (It’s complicated)
    – As best as i can figure, in Virtual Desktop Streaming Menu (within Headset), VR Graphics Quality, is the equivalent to Oculus Quest Desktop Software Rendering Resolution.

    – One thing i haven’t figured out for sure, hoping someone can verify. For Virtual Desktop flat screen/AirLink desktop/VorpX Desktop Viewer, you are simply cloning the Monitor, including the refresh rate and resolution, so they matter and should match. But when running in “VR mode”, your physical monitor res and refresh rate don’t apply. (My current theory is a sort of virtual monitor is created. Your physical monitor can display a limited portion, like reduced resolution and refresh rate, aka with safer perimeters for your physical monitor, of that virtual monitor???)

    Reaver Shadow

    Bit of an aside, but before I forget, I want to compliment this great feature of Desktop Viewer (via AirLink). I tested out VorpX Desktop Viewer, and launched my game from it, to see if it would load as expect. Sure enough it did. But the feature which was great and unexpected, was once i exited the game (proper not a crash or forced exit), VorpX Desktop Viewer immediately and automatically launched.

    Not sure if same behavior would occur if using Virtual Desktop


    It will also go back in case of a crash. There is some background monitoring that detects when a game exists, regardless how. Most people don’t realize how much time and effort wents into quality of life stuff like that. Thanks for noticing. :)

    Reaver Shadow

    UPDATE: Virtual Desktop usage

    Last few days I’ve been using Virtual Desktop, rather then Quest Desktop App to run game w/vorpX. Here is an account of my experiences, which is overall GREAT!

    Re-fresher on steps:
    (1) In Virtual Desktop Streamer APP, set to VDXR (I haven’t attempted automatic yet)
    (2) In VorpX Config app, Set to OpenXR

    – So far nearly flawless.

    – IMO Image Quality is slightly better then Quest app. I suspect better automatic encoding bitrate adjustment, and probably 10-bit HEVC helps. (I manually set HEVC in oculus diagnostic tool, but doubt it’s 10-bit).

    – Major ability I prefer/enjoy, is being able to take off Headset (or lift), and put back on with near zero issues. AirLink is just awful for this. When the AirLink connection is stopped, it causes chaos, and my only resort is restart entire PC. (Workaround is double tap oculus to turn on pass through)

    – Enjoy that I can adjust setting/make tweaks to stream within Virtual Desktop App rather then needing Oculus Diagnostic tool via desktop.

    – Virtual Desktop Performance Overlay provides additional information, at least about the stream, which is helpful for overall optimization.

    – I haven’t done any concreate tests, but it does seem like Virtual Desktop is more Energy efficient then AirLink. Headset seems to get less hot, and seemed like I was on battery for @ least 30 min longer.

    VD Streaming Settings:
    I had to disable these settings in order to have VorpX run smoothly.
    – Synchronous SpaceWarp (SSW); caused the 3D image to be “delayed” (or lack of better wording), when moving, and seeing two images.
    – Video Buffering; there was a choppiness or shuttering, as if the framerate was dropping to single digits.
    – Snapdragon Game Super Resolution; Caused pixel artifacts when moving head.

    Other VD settings:
    – increase color vibrance” = off. This is personal rather then image quality or performance, because to me it makes the image more warm white/yellow. I like cool white.
    – VR Graphics Quality = Medium (GPU = RTX 2080Ti), I’ll test with High soon.
    – VR Frame Rate = 90fps, I may test with lower frame rate for VorpX Immersive Mode.
    – VR Bitrate = 150 Mbps (I can be on other side of apartment, 3 ways and fridge in between direct path with Tp-Link Archer A10 Router [WiFi is Quest 2 only], and no quality or fps drops)
    – Sharpening = 75% (default)
    – Increase Video Nominal Range = off, this feels like a personal thing. I need to figure out how it works, feels like they’re stretching the color space, rather then using what the Devs (game or mod) creators intended. But it does make things darker, if you are playing something horror/scary/creep.

    On another note: would like to retract my comment about keyboard in Quest App. Initially, it’s height was at mouth level, and interfering with desktop interactions. I have since learned you can move it where ever you like.

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