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    Hello, I’m looking into VorpX settings for PSO2. I’ve gotten something started using the Portal 2 profile, and the safest I’ve gotten so far involves a cinematic mode with geometry, so effectively it’s a lot like nVidia 3D Vision right now.

    It however comes with some caveats with which I’m not sure how to proceed:

    1. This only works with the Character Creator/Benchmark program right now, as GameGuard is blocking VorpX from detecting pso2.exe during normal operation.
    2. The UI being rendered is not rendered 3D but 2D, meaning that cross-eye situations can happen when UI elements are overlapping over 3D objects.
    3. Due to the way the game engine renders shadows, the shadows in one eye are very different from the other eye. Not sure what’s the best way to describe it, but it’s got some crazy different angle compared to normal.


    Okay, got to muck with shaders a little bit, covered most of the shadow issues. #1 and #2 still remain outstanding problems, however.


    IF that game is using the source engine, you may try other profiles of the engine as well, some may vary in 3D settings slightly .

    You may also be lucky with a Sonic Profile from around that time, I would try Sonic Generations first.


    If you get that going, let me know, I’m down to play. :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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